The international presentation of the car-thermos

In Moscow, at the International Specialized Design Bureau railcar (MSKBV) the presentation of the car-insulated thermos model 16-1807-04 production of PJSC "Azovobschemash" (included in the group of companies "Azovmash").


The meeting brought together representatives of six operating companies isothermal rolling stock. Director — General Designer, LLC "GSKBV" Valery Bubnov — briefed them on the history of the new car and the prospects of its use for transporting perishable goods.

During the presentation of potential customers have received the information about the technical characteristics and design features of the car-insulated thermos model 16-1807-04, heat insulating layer deposition technology, the tests carried out. This model of the car compares favorably with existing analogues in the heat transfer coefficient body. In cooperation with JSC "NIIAS" (Moscow) has developed a list of cargo and the conditions for their transportation. On the model of the car received a certificate of registration of certification FZHT. At a meeting of the Board of Railway Transport decided to include items in the handbook "Models of freight cars."

Given the output of obsolete refrigerator cars, currently in operation, model 16-1807-04 will be in demand in the CIS market.

Also, potential customers have expressed interest in the new development, LLC "GSKBV" — covered wagon, model 11-1870, the prototype of which is currently undergoing a series of preliminary tests in NPP "IC" Azovmashtest. "

— The presentation, we have presented the development, as well as get useful information of operators that would ensure the cars shown steady demand — said the chief designer Valery MSKBV Bubnov.

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