The international success of Russian atomic scientists in this year’s impressive

The year 2011 was special for Rosatom: from Soviet times there was no such number of launches of nuclear power, Director General of the State Corporation Sergey Kiriyenko at a meeting of the Government Presidium.

Head of Rosatom listed running objects: "Bushehr" NPP in Iran, China's first research reactor on fast neutrons, the uranium enrichment plant in China. In addition, this year completed construction of the first unit of the NPP "Kudankulam" in India by the end of the year will launch the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant in the Tver region.


With such a record number of starts was essential not to lose the new orders, the general director of the state corporation. "There was a risk that after the" Fukushima "world market fail. The competition is really tougher in this market, but it is probably an important factor that we have in this case the failure of the market and increasing competition has nearly doubled its overseas orders. We have at the end of last year was a total of signed agreements — 12 blocks. Accordingly, the one we have already dropped out, this "Busher", which we have passed, it remains 11. To date, we have signed blocks — 21, that is, we have doubled the amount of orders, "- said Kiriyenko, recalling that reached an agreement on the construction of nuclear power plants in Vietnam, Belarus and Bangladesh, as well as the construction of the second stage of Tianwan NPP.

All of these orders, according to the head of Rosatom, as orders are domestic enterprises, "We 97% of the total volume of orders for machinery and equipment is located in the Russian Federation under construction in Russia, and only 3% are purchased abroad, if something is not produced in Russia. Today, the volume of orders for domestic machinery has already exceeded 250 billion rubles, with the corresponding jobs and all the other indicators. "


First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Natural Monopolies Valentin Mezhevich. Illustration:

"The international success of Russian nuclear scientists are impressive this year — said the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Natural Monopolies Valentin Mezhevich. — Events in Japan, on the one hand, made the most important topic of security of nuclear power, and the other — seriously tightened competition in this market, because some of those countries which have seriously looked narrowly at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have now decided to take a break. And yet, even in this market suzivshemsya Rosatom managed to get a few new orders. This confirms the high competitiveness of Russian nuclear technology, especially as it relates to safety of nuclear power plants. "

"I think that for the Russian nuclear industry this year, in addition to increasing the number of contracts for the construction of remarkable by the fact that over, finally, the long-term construction in Bushehr, — he said. — It was a technically challenging work — in fact it was necessary to unite the German equipment remaining in Iran since the time when the "Siemens" started to build the station, and the Russian, brought in Bushehr after the case took Russian specialists. The fact that the station build, it is already included in the energy system of the country — is a major achievement of engineers and builders of Rosatom. In the address of the station repeatedly expressed concerns on the part of some Western experts, but they are baseless: after the station was built under the supervision of the IAEA, which confirms its exclusively peaceful nature. "

"I would also like to note the development and strengthening of relations with China in the development of peaceful nuclear technology. The contract for the construction of the second phase of the Tianwan nuclear power — a real victory, because we Rosatom were very serious contenders in this project, and China chose really the best — said Mezhevich. — In general it can be said that this year for the nuclear power industry was not easy, but the industry continues to evolve. The evidence for this — formed this year, a good portfolio of Rosatom, showing the relevance of Russian nuclear technology. "

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