The island near Phuket traces of an unknown giant creatures — people in horror

December 24, 2012 13:29

Mysterious footprints giant creatures appeared on Friday night on the island of Mai Pai (Bamboo Island, north of Phi Phi). Traces appearing in the forest, pass through the yard of a local school and lead to the sea.

Photo: The Phuket News

Mysterious footprints are extremely concerned students, parents and teachers. According to them, the traces left a huge snake. Traces represent a long strip, consisting of pairs of circles. Each circle diameter is 20 centimeters. Local experts estimate that the length of the snake, which left traces of the data, should be not less than fifteen feet.

Atwar Payne, a teacher from the school yard where traces of the mysterious reptile says islanders fear intensified rumors that the appearance of the following may be foreshadowing of great disaster. Some of them predicted that on Friday, when the Mayan calendar was going to happen end of the world, there will be something truly awful.

Ms. Payne has demonstrated local experts and journalists should, which began on the hill in front of the school, and then, passing through the school yard, playground and school gate, go to the beach and go in the waters of Phang Nga Bay.

Sansamut Anan, the village chief in May Baan Koh Pai said on the eve of the day that had traces of the sea level was very high. Around 11 pm, he heard the desperate cries vspoloshennyh birds, but did not attach any importance. The man said that the recent wave of the island of the mysterious disappearance of goats and ducks, but the villagers thought they were eaten by a python. Many years ago, eight-meter python weighing over seventy pounds have been caught on the island.

Photo: The Phuket News

After studying the following experts village chief decided not to turn off the power generator on the island for the night and prepare tools for catching or at least protection from the alleged reptile. Scientists and police together with volunteers from the civilian population Bamboo Island are a 24-hour patrols to find and neutralize the mysterious animal that left the mysterious trail.

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