The last year the Pacific Fleet sailors completely fulfilled


Scheduled for 2012 set of combat training events in the Pacific Fleet is made in full. Pacific Fleet ships and vessels in the period worked out about 1,000 combat exercises, including several hundreds of rocket-artillery fire and minefields. Coastal troops chalked up numerous field yields and is more than 3.5 thousand parachute jumps of varying complexity.

The past academic year was a Navy "fruitful" for the awards. According to the results of combat training have won nine prizes Pacific Fleet Commander in Chief of the Navy of Russia in various military exercises, and rightfully won the 1st place among the Russian fleet.

In 2013 before the personnel are no less difficult to implement plans for a busy military work. In terms of combat training, this year promises to be intense. The troops and the forces of the Pacific Fleet, there are serious and important test of many months of combat services in the areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans, scoring tactical exercises and international joint maneuvers with the seamen of foreign states.

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