The leader of the Belarusian Irkutsk complains about the lack of help from the homeland

The Belarusian government has not allocated a penny on the activities of the Irkutsk Belarusian culture of Jan Cherskogo in the 15 years of the organization — said the chairman of Oleg Rudakov, who arrived in Mogilev on a private visit.

"Consular offices are busy promoting Belarusian goods," — he said.

According to Rudakov, head of the office, he offered the Belarusian Embassy in Krasnoyarsk Gregory Zubkevich develop relationships on cultural exchange between Irkutsk diaspora groups and teams from Belarus. "Zubkevich said it was impossible, because that Belarus — a poor country, there is no money, no opportunities, "- said the chairman of the society.

At the same time, said Rudakov, Polish and Lithuanian diaspora have the strong support of their countries, although their number in the Irkutsk region is much less than in Belarus, there were 16 thousand people.

The Poles, who in Irkutsk about two thousand, can every summer to send their children to free Poland, bands — the festival

"The Poles who were in Irkutsk, about two thousand, can every summer to send their children to free Poland, musical group — at the festival. Moreover, when they spend some event, then get paid for it directly from the Polish consulate," — said Rudakov.

A similar approach to its diaspora, as the Rudakov has, and Lithuania. "The Lithuanians have around 700 people. They send teachers from Lithuania to Lithuanian language teaching, help smokers to return to Lithuania, to adapt there. They also have programs that allow activists Lithuanian center in Irkutsk free to travel to Lithuania for congresses, festivals etc. We also nothing like this "- complains the head of society.

He hoped that with the advent of the post of Minister of Culture of Belarus Paul Latushko the situation will change. "There was some sort of advisory council to the Minister of Culture of the Diaspora. Started listening to us, it was a question," — said the representative of the Irkutsk Belarusians.

Today's indifferent attitude of the state to the Diaspora Rudakov explains the lack of interest in the Belarusian leadership to revive Byelorussian, traditions and culture.

According to head of the Irkutsk Belarusian culture, members of the organization are about 1,000 people, of whom about 400 live in the Irkutsk.

Belarusian First settlers in Siberia are the result of the agrarian reforms of the early twentieth century, initiated by the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire Pyotr Stolypin.

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