The London Thames wound up being, killing geese

December 14, 2011 17:45

Experts in wildlife investigate rumors of an unknown predator lurking in the waters of the river near the Olympic Stadium in East London.
Rumors began to spread after the signal was received from a bystander. A man saw a healthy Canada goose floating on the water surface of the river, all of a sudden something utyanulo down under. More goose he saw, reported Daily Mail.

It was also found that the water channel near the Olympic stadium being constructed constantly decreasing number of swans.

Experts suggest that it is possible in the river wields big pike, alligator, who escaped from the cage, waterfowl or big snake like a python.

-I was walking with my friend and accidentally noticed floating in the water of the river goose-witness said Michael Wells — and suddenly goose instantly disappeared. Vertically went under water. That's all. We have other simply jaw dropped in surprise. It seemed to us that someone has stolen. Someone is pretty big. After the goose is not a small bird. In appearance he weighed at least 16 pounds (7.2 kg).

Michael, who lives nearby, is convinced that this instrument is the same creature that similarly to the eye of the beholder goose dragged under the water in 2005. Then, too, it was a lot of noise. Suggested that this could be a big pike. But hardly fish is able to carry off such a large catch.

Zoologist Mike Allen, who lives in the same area, I'm sure it's probably a python, which is grown at home and then released from hooligan or other motives, or he escaped. For this kind of snakes geese is the normal prey.

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