The Mayan Calendar

Certainly one of the most mysterious and interesting gifts of ancient civilization is the Mayan calendar. A major mystery is the Indians themselves, or rather in what, where, and how they were gone.

For over a thousand years ago about their disappearance are legendary, some historians say that their civilization destroyed civil wars, others go on about the impact on their loss of natural disasters, others say they wiped out the planet Nibiru, but the facts of the specific historical this event is not. One of the few artifacts that they left us is the Mayan calendar.

Maya Indians in the home used two calendars. One needed them to determine the time of sowing and harvest corn and other economic matters. This calendar is called the civil calendar year of the calendar called "Haab 'and lasted 365 days. It consisted of eighteen months of twenty days. As well, in addition to the civil calendar, they had a ritual calendar, they called it "Tzolkin". According to this calendar Mayan priests determined the time of the ceremonies.

Many historians argue that the Maya have done a lot of the Universe, that this knowledge will allow them to predict what was 21/10/2012 There will be global events that result in significantly change the course of history. But, what exactly mean by ancient Indians as "global events" scientists around the world are still unable to solve.

Many of them are inclined to believe that in this way the Maya predicted the "end of the world", while others are more optimistic, say only that in the world to a new era.

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