The memorial complex Memory Lane opened in Murmansk

October 7, individual soldiers of the Red Kirkenes Marine Regiment of the Northern Fleet took part in the opening ceremony of the memorial complex "Walk of Memory" in Murmansk on, initiated by the administration of the city of Murmansk. 

At the opening ceremony of the memorial Marine Regiment was presented a guard of honor, the flag, firing and venochnymi groups. The Marines of the Northern Fleet have given military honors servicemen killed in the line of duty to ensure law and order and public security in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation.

Malls have become the basis of memory memorial stone slabs on which immortalized the names of soldiers murmanchan killed in the international military duty and duty in the country of Afghanistan, as well as in local wars and military conflicts in the post-war period. 

Among the more than 200 names carved in stone the names of 84 Marines of the Northern Fleet, who did not return to Kola land of "hot spots." Including the names of the Marines of the Northern Fleet — Heroes of the Russian Major-General Alexander Ivanovich Otrakovskogo and Lt. Col. Mark N. Evtyuhina, says head of information management WEST press service of the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

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