The Minister of Defence played in tanchiki

scale models of new military equipment have been shown to Sergei Shoigu, when he was on the last working day of the week went on a visit to the High Command of the Army.

Toy Almaty was, Kurgan and Typhoons in the scale of 1:20 have been manufactured by enterprises of the defense industry. Apparently, the Minister was satisfied with the performance characteristics of the models, which were steeper than similar imported toys.

However, it seems Sergei Kozhugetovichu itching to get more of the same at 1:1. Therefore, he ordered that from now on, not only land, but also all the other commanders in chief monthly report to him personally on the implementation of the state defense order.

Not limited to, the Defense Minister instructed his deputy, Yuri Borisov, to think (and in writing to present), what can be done about the backlog in the incipient development work. It is said that the issues is the situation with Armato, Kurgan-25 and Wolf.

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