The Ministry of Agriculture plans to create innovation village


Scientists and students will live in the agrarian special settlements, engaging them in specialized research
The White House developed a special federal program to develop innovative villages.

According to Life News, the government is preparing the project for the construction of special settlements for a breakthrough innovation in the agriculture of the country. The creation of such settlements is planned in virtually every area.

Leading researchers in the field of agricultural sciences, as well as the best students of agricultural universities will work and live in these areas — they will be engaged in the study of soils, breeding, crop varietal, as well as the development of livestock breeding for a particular area.

"Approximately at each settlement will be spent in the initial phase of 20 million rubles. Equipment will be taken on lease. Those who live in the settlements of innovators will be able to get housing in installments in the same villages. Already allocated land for the establishment of centers in the Volgograd Region, the Republic of Bashkortostan and Saratov region, "- says the source Life News, which is one of the developers of the program.

The federal program will create a one-Russian public institution, which will bring together scientists from different regions Establish an database successful students from across the country. The agrarian "Skolkovo" will create a production center, which will perform in the future control of the economy.

The main objective of the program is to revitalize the agricultural sector of the country, creating a competitive domestic agricultural industry.

The bill to establish agricultural innovation city will be adopted at the beginning of 2012, after all approvals will be held in the government, the State Duma and representatives of the Federation.

State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Victor Zubarev said the initiative right and necessary.

"We have discussed this topic in the State Duma, although in a somewhat different way. The idea of innovation villages and has a good place to be. We need to raise agriculture, and such a law is needed, "- says Zubarev.

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