The Ministry of Communications has proposed to assign a unique code for the user terminals

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft order amending the rules of user terminals of various types of mobile communications including radio standard TETRA. It is reported online edition of the "Marker".
According to the draft order, which is currently under discussion, all subscriber devices of mobile networks should have a unique identification codes. Formats codes will differ depending on the type of device.
The requirement for the unique code is distributed, including subscriber equipment standard TETRA. Most radio stations, produced by major manufacturers of communications TETRA, have a unique hardware ID — TEI (TETRA Equipment Identity). Each TEI is assigned to only one TETRA-terminal and can not be repeated. TEI number is 15 digits of alphanumeric characters, and includes an assembly code indicating the manufacturer and place assembly, the confirmation code, an electronic serial number and backup. Identifier TEI makes such security function as a remote switch on or off the equipment at the request of the owner.
"The TETRA standard provides a high level of reliability and security of communications, so every product TETRA terminal already has a unique number that allows you to determine the origin of the product and prevent unauthorized use, — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — All subscriber terminals GAMMA with built-in GLONASS, produced by our company, in collaboration with the British company Sepura, have a unique hardware ID, and meet the highest standards to ensure the safety of the negotiations. "

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