The Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Republic of Chechnya sums up the results of 2012

The Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Chechen Republic finished the year, nearly doubling its performance relative to the previous year.


As the director of the Department of Economic Analysis and Investment Magomed Usmanov, the levels of production of marketable products, works and services by enterprises of the Ministry for the 12 months of this year amounted to 555,050.9 thousand rubles., Compared with the production of the corresponding period of 2011 (272,256.1 thousand . rub.) is 203.9%.

According to M. Usmanov, this year as part of the Republican program "Socio-economic development of the Chechen Republic for 2008-2012" commissioned three major businesses: SUE Argun plant "Pishchemash" SUE "Pilot Plant Industry Ministry" and SUE Chechen forestry enterprise "Fagus".

"The total volume of capital investments in these assets this year amounted to 244.65 million rubles, including the Republican budget — 12,230 million rubles", — he said.

Total program opened 12 subordinate enterprises Ministry of Industry. Funds allocated from the federal and republican budgets.

Also on the program "Development of the industry in the Czech Republic in 2012-2014." Reconstructed in the pipeline of "Chechenavto." In addition, output started at SUE Gudermesski plant "Medinstrument" and SUE "Office" launched production of new parts for drilling and oilfield equipment. More work is carried out on 11 existing enterprises ministry.

"In this program until 2015 is planned to increase the volume of products to 5,149,900,000 rubles. In the form of taxes to the budget of the republic must reach 435.1 million. According to the program will employ 1,660 people, "- said. M. Usmanov.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Czech Republic Aslanbeka Mezhidova, more intensive growth and development of the industry is seriously hampered by the lack of enterprises have their own working capital. In this regard, the Government of the Czech Republic in the Russian Regional Development Ministry sent proposals to provide state support reduced program enterprises.

"The increase in the number of enterprises leads to higher energy consumption. In this connection, changed the approved list of priority investment projects of the republic. The project is the construction of the 1st stage of the cascade of hydropower plants on the river Argun pronounced among the priority, "- he stressed.

Press-service of the Head and the Government of the Chechen Republic

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