The Ministry of Transport will provide 18 billion rubles for the construction of rural roads

The Russian Ministry of Transport in the period 2011-2013 will provide 18 billion rubles for the construction of rural roads. The Minister Igor Levitin said after the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Agriculture, which in 2011 will be allocated for this purpose 5 billion rubles, in 2012 — 6 billion in 2013 — 7,000,000,000 rubles. According to Levitin, these funds will be allocated from the federal road fund. Construction will be directly engaged in "Road Service". Ministry of Agriculture, in turn, will determine the location and the specific points where you want to build roads. Rural roads will be built from settlements with a population of 125 people to the public road at a distance of not more than 5 km. Levitin said that it would be "paved roads, built with the latest technologies."

Ministry of Transport, said Levitin also previously developed a program to finance the construction of rural roads, and it was included in the federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia (2010-2015)". Implementation of the program prevented the financial crisis, this year decided to finance the construction of rural roads in the framework of the new road fund.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik, the agreement will allow the agency to address three main objectives — the development of the logistics of agricultural market infrastructure, improving the competitiveness of domestic agricultural products, as well as increasing the availability of public facilities in rural areas. Skrinnik recalled that about 50% of domestic agricultural products produced in the private plots and farms, and the presence of roads will speed up the sale of products, will provide access to a wider range of customers and eventually will displace imports.

Implementation of the cooperation agreement will interdepartmental working group.

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