The modernized Su-25SM has completed testing

The modernized Su-25SM has successfully completed the special flight tests (SSI), which were aimed at increasing the combat efficiency of the machine

The tests were carried out with the aim of improving the use and evaluation of the effectiveness of new ammunition. As a result of the simultaneous attack aircraft acquired the ability to defeat four ground targets in one attack by using guided munitions.

Also confirmed to be effective on-board electronic warfare "Vitebsk-25."

Furthermore, during SSI successfully completed testing communications systems providing automated information transfer between planes.

Earlier it was reported that in early 2013 the Russian Air Force will arrive in the newest family of electronic warfare systems "Vitebsk". The main element of "Vitebsk" — digital jammer (TSSAP), which received index L-370-3C. It's faster counterparts at other complexes, such as "sorption" on the Su-27, "Omul" on the Su-25, "Gardenia" on the MiG-29. "Vitebsk" not only evaluates the enemy radar radiation, but it "pushes" the signal over a wider range of frequencies. In addition to TSSAP complex includes protection against missiles with a heat seeker (TGSN). This system of "blinding" enemy missiles laser illuminator.

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