The modernized Su-30K will provide Belarus.


In Belarus, they will soon be 18 Russian Sukhoi Su-30K, which in the 1990s were put Russia in India.

The story of these aircraft began in 1996, when Moscow and New Delhi signed the very first contract for the supply of heavy multi-role fighters. However, Russia could not immediately provide the delivery of aircraft in India "advanced" configuration — the Su-30MKI. Therefore, the first 18 cars went to the simplified version of the Su-30K with the condition that they were later replaced by the Su-30MKI, then the Su-30K back in Russia.

New Delhi received the aircraft, but the old "dry" until the end of July of this year continued to remain in custody in India.

Soon it became known that the car is ready to be shipped to Belarus, on the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranavichy. "At this point in Baranovichy is already ten Su-30K, they are transported from India disassembled aircraft transport aircraft — told reporters, a source close to the" Rosoboronexport ". — The remaining eight cars will be transported back in November of this year, there they have to undergo repairs and subsequent upgrades to the version of the Su-30KN. "

Belarus in the acquisition of the Su-30 is concerned. For the first time the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said so in 2005. In May of this year on the subject again was made an official statement from Minsk.

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