The Mongolian army was T-72 tanks and BTR-70M

  • Tanks and armored personnel carriers entered service 016 infantry brigade.  Sagerlen
  • Tanks and armored personnel carriers entered service 016 infantry brigade. Sagerlen

Russia since the beginning of 2012 delivered a large shipment of Mongolian arms and military equipment from the Russian armed forces, reports bmpd. In particular, the Mongol army was up to 50 main battle tanks T-72A, 40 modernized BTR-70M and cars "Ural". Tank equipment, presumably, was repaired at the 103rd Armored Atamanovka repair plant in the Trans-Baikal region.

Supply of military equipment manufactured in a package of agreements between Russia and Mongolia in 2009-2010. First T-72 tanks and armored personnel carriers BTR-70 armed with Mongolian stood. July 5, 2012 in the 016 th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Mongolian army officially included tanks and armored personnel carriers supplied from Russia.

July 5, 2012 I received the ceremony of the Russian T-72A and BTR-70M in the combat strength of the 016-th infantry brigade of the Mongolian army, stationed in Sergelene near Ulan Bator. The T-72A is equipped with a tank battalion brigade. 016 Brigade is considered the "elite" and the oldest formation of the Mongolian Armed Forces, and in 2013 will celebrate its 90th anniversary. A team is considered to be legal successor, formed in 1939, the Mongolian mechanized brigade, and then Sergelengiynskoy Infantry Division, from which the 016 Brigade and was formed.

Tank Company Tank Battalion 016 th Motorized Rifle Brigade at the Mongolian tanks T-72A from 21 to 29 September 2012 taking part in the Russian-Mongolian joint exercise "Selenge-2012" at the site near Burdun Kyakhty (Buryatia).

As of early 2012, armed ground forces of Mongolia were 370 T-54/55 tanks, 310 armored infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1, 120 combat reconnaissance vehicles BRDM-2, 150 armored personnel carriers BTR-60, 130 multiple rocket launchers "Grad "and 150 howitzer D-30 and ML-20. All equipment — Soviet production.

In mid-July 2011 it was reported about the intention of the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia to purchase from Russia four to five new MiG-29 and one land-based simulator for training pilots. In addition, the Mongolian Defense Ministry expects near-term to buy a new military transport aircraft.

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