The moon changes our mood

Moon strongly influences the emotional sphere of man, moves it quickly, and its location relative to the other planets also change frequently, and therefore sensitive to the mood of the moon influences human can fluctuate many times during the day.

But even if you are not very sensitive to the lunar aspects and phases of the moon transitions from one sign to another do not care one way or another, you will feel. Moon Sign changes about every two days, the exact time of its transition states in almost all calendars. Each sign in which the moon resides at the moment, creates a certain emotional background and entices people to sign specific to this action.

Moon in Aries

When the moon is in the sign of Aries people have increased energy and many possessed the will to act immediately, without wasting time thinking and not consulting anybody. For creative inspiration comes resourceful people and they are able to quickly create something new and original. But with the Moon in Aries often manifest aggression, temper, carelessness and impatience that often causes fights and accidents, many of these days is a headache and high blood pressure.

Moon in Taurus

When the moon moves into Taurus, the person calms down, sometimes so he does not want to do anything except that which gives pleasure and promises great material benefit. The work is done slowly, but thoroughly, accurately. These days many masters greed, the desire to save, stock up for the future, to assign, and the fear of losing what we have. Often manifests stubbornness and excessive pragmatism and conservatism. Many at the Moon in Taurus increases appetite, especially sweet tooth.

Moon in Gemini

When the Moon visits the dual signs, the people in the mood to manifest unconscious desire to split in two, to be present in two places at the same time and do two or more things. In reality, it often looks like a pointless vanity, mood swings and plans. These days it is difficult to follow through, so it is better to undertake only those things that you can quickly start and stop. But those days are good for learning and communication.

Moon in Cancer

In this sign the Moon "at home" and because people in full force to show "lunar" quality: impressionability, sentimentality, a tendency to dive into the past, the memories and emotions has long past. Many these days seizes the initiative to create comfort in your home and do not come out of it, covered with all the unpleasant and traumatic. Often people in these days of "fall into childhood", becoming moody and sensitive.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo shares power with the sun and the mood is too many "sun." There is a growing optimism and self-confidence, increase efficiency and desire for recognition. This is a good time for creative people, the inspiration comes to them and an opportunity to draw the public's attention. Well go entertainment, cultural and sporting events, various exhibitions and presentations. But there is a risk to overestimate their capabilities, or as Raven of fable, to become the victim of flattery.

Moon in Virgo

When the moon rises in Virgo attention to detail and penchant for order. It's time for tasks that require patience and accuracy, to restore the purity of the house, working with documents, plans and reports. But it is better not to see these days with the supervisors, auditors, examiners and critics, they always find something to complain about. Many appear to control the urge others not on official duty, but purely out of a desire to help, to point out errors and give good advice, even if they do not ask for it.

Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra, all set for a pleasant chat, meet new people and establish mutual understanding in relationships. These days, well-tolerated, to marry, to enter into business and political alliances, cultural shows. But many acute sense of justice and a desire to achieve it, which may lead to disputes and quarrels, and sometimes in the litigation, especially if the Moon is far from harmonious.

Moon in Scorpio

Sometimes astrologers call this the Moon "mad", though to fall into a rage these days is not everyone, but many may be irritable or depressed mood, increased suspicion, unwillingness to communicate. But the Moon in Scorpio improves concentration and intuition makes people cautious and at the same time fearless. These days a person is easier to release the life of all unnecessary and harmful, to part with people or habits. This is a good time to practice occult practices, parapsychology.

Moon in Sagittarius

When the Moon is in Sagittarius optimism grows, there is a friendly, but at the same time, it is inattentive to people. Man tries to do good to all, to give valuable advice to provide protection, but his good intentions are not noticed and called tactless intervention in their affairs. These are good days to determine the prospects of predicting the future, expansion of knowledge and influence. Absentee contact with people there with the Moon in Sagittarius much more successful direct communication.

Moon in Capricorn

Man gets collected and practical, attention is still focused on the future, but it is not vague dream, but a very specific, well-lined plans. In these days to think about the long-term good of the case or a leisurely start to implement them, to hold meetings, to keep the property to repay debts, fulfill promises. For entertainment events these days little fit, many people become dull and boring.

Moon in Aquarius

This is a good time for events and meetings with friends, many tend to communicate and novelty, to be at the center of events and up to date news. In more closed natures Moon in Aquarius is manifested as an increase mental alertness, ingenuity and foresight. But those days are different and surprises, pleasant and unpleasant surprises, the probability of collisions and accidents, the Moon in Aquarius often fails technique, there are problems with the electricity and transport. There is also the danger of uncontrolled crowds, the probability of spontaneous protests or simply bullying.

Moon in Pisces

With the Moon in Pisces dominates the desire for a solitary life, peace, peaceful pursuits in comfort. Want to immerse yourself in thoughts, memories, dreams, creativity, just relax. In these days of high intuition, hunches, and the ability to foresee. But great and emotional sensitivity, vulnerability. People are easily transmitted strange mood, and if there are a lot of negativity, man seeks to isolate and hide in a secluded place or in their fantasies and thoughts. If this fails, then we see irritability, moodiness, tearfulness, fatigue, laziness, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

Nina Rifle

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