The mystery of the ancient casket

October 23, 2011 16:07

Empress Elizaveta

Part of the correspondence was given by Empress Elizabeth after the death of Alexei Ohotnikova his brother. Others papers were it so securely hidden in the Women's Bureau that "surfaced" on the light only after almost two centuries.

At night, May 3, 1826 the Empress died. Doing her last will, the maid of honor Thiessen immediately went to the capital. I met her at the gates of Moscow adjutant, seated in the carriage, and brought to the Winter Palace, where the office expected Tsar Nicholas Pavlovich and his mother — the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. She took the Thyssen casket and opened it a golden key hanging on a chain around her neck, and pulled out a stack of letters.
Looking through the paper, Maria Feodorovna Nicholas I shared them, and he threw everything in the fire kindled the fire. When the casket was empty, he was returned to Thyssen and allowed to keep as a souvenir.

Secret connected with the mysterious casket of black wood, opened many years later …

Unique find

Once at a European auction was put up for sale Women's Bureau of the XVIII century. They said that it belonged to the mother of the last Russian tsar Maria Feodorovna … However, this antiques no particular value is not represented, but it was his new owners and were designed to reveal one of the secrets of the Romanov dynasty during the reign of Alexander I. Deciding podrestavrirovat his purchase, the owners gave it to the shop, where he saw the light cleverly hidden in the recesses of the desk diaries, letters and personal documents of the Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna, wife of Alexander I. It was then and swam out a secret love affair …

Like many archival discoveries, writing, lying on a fairly prominent place, been overlooked for one simple reason — it was a plain-looking small leaflets, written in very small, minute handwriting in French. If you throw a quick glance at them, not getting a grasp, it might seem that this is a trivial lady's diary records that she was on a walk today, then in the evening — at the ball … And only if you read carefully and spend a lot of time on the literal interpretation of these beads karakulek, one can understand that these records is not easy: it captures them in all their meetings with the officer Alexei Okhotnikov. Moreover, it also encrypts them, just in case, replacing the names of the characters nicknames.

"Wednesday, February 11, a premonition that he would be on duty, and in fact, useless walk. The ball at the Empress could not see, going to dinner, but looked furtively returning. Dear Vosdu, vouch that he did it on purpose. "

"Thursday, 12, although only just replaced with the guard, walking on foot along the waterfront with a friend, I — in a sleigh, going to the theater, I have not noticed and only leaving in the shade of the porch, and yet two views."

This was written in 1803 by Elizabeth A., wife of Alexander I. Her amorous secret diary was recently read two Moscow historian Olga and Catherine Edelman Lyamina.

Unloved wife

In 1779, the son of German Margrave of Baden-Durlahskogo Karl Ludwig and his wife Amelia, née Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, a daughter, named Marie-Louise-August. Later, when her betrothed for the Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich, the future Emperor of Russia, it is the transition to Orthodoxy was named Elizaveta.

In late October 1792 the young Princess was introduced in the Russian imperial capital of St. Petersburg, and quickly managed to charm everyone with her beauty, grace and manners.

Mature Catherine II, her cantankerous son Paul and his wife, Maria Feodorovna just chayali soul in a young charmer, showering her favors, gifts and caresses. Bride at the time was not and 14, and the groom was 16 years old … young Louise was beautiful, smart, and really wanted to please her future husband. However, the union of loving hearts did not happen. Alexander treated his wife with such coldness and neglect, it is noticed not only relatives, but servants.

First attempted to win over the young Grand Duchess Elizabeth's favorite elderly Catherine II Count Platon Zubov — the man in the prime of life. He had no doubt of success and trailed behind the princess openly brazenly seeking intimacy. So much so, that the Empress had to give him a right to prohibit the scandal and prosecute daughter! Forced Zubov Indented argue with Catherine nobody wanted.

Another plot was actually instigated by Alexander, who wanted to have some freedom from his wife in every way. While in St. Petersburg, were as noble hostages after the partition of Poland, the young Prince Adam and Konstantin Chartoryys-tions — they could become the banner of the anti-Russian opposition and claim the Polish crown. Adam was one of the close friends of Alexander, and, often spending time at his house, could not resist the charms of a lovely Elizabeth. She, who knew her husband only indifference and humiliation, wanted to love and be loved! However, the court of anything for a long time it was impossible to hide. And, while the lovers managed some time to keep secret their relationship, their connection opened and Adam Czartoryski was deported to his native Poland, and not seeing a newborn daughter.

Kavalergarda century is short …

In Europe there were great events — Napoleon waged victorious wars, and cunning Austrians managed to pull Alexander I in the fight against Corsican darling of the fortunes of war. Emperor left St. Petersburg and went to the army. The capital is practically empty. Elizaveta was alone and suffered terribly — her daughter Alexandra died four years ago, and my husband has always adored sorority, defying all laws and even accepted in society decorum, openly flirted with Maria Antonovna Naryshkina. And in one of those gloomy days, the maid of honor Princess Galitzine unexpectedly presented the Empress arrived from the army officer.

— This staff captain Alex Hunter!

The queen looked up, met with a beautiful view of the Horse Guards, and all of it in the same instant as if pierced shock!

In a matter of days, the romance between the Cavalry and Elizaveta staff captain Alexei Yakovlevich Okhotnikov was not just rough, and literally turned into a crazy, unbridled passion: the Empress took like revenge for all the past years, with the head plunged into a dark pool of forbidden love.

Contrary to the palace gossip

Passionate lover constantly burning with impatience waiting for a new meeting, finding a place without the object of his passion. Naturally, the Hunters did not belong to the titled nobility and the grand court society, could easily appear in the palace, but if I could, it would have inevitably led to suspicions and rumors. Lovers, as they could, in every possible way to hide their relationship.

"Tuesday, 14. Bad weather. Contrary to expectations on the avenue with a friend, I do not know why, I assumed a kind of indifferent and careless. "

How then were they dating? Staff captain waiting darkness, low impending eye hat, wrap themselves in a dark cloak and went to Kamennoostrovsky Palace — there invitingly lighted window of Elizabeth. Throwing off his cloak in his hands a faithful servant, a hunter, like a real climber, risking to break his neck to his death, climbed the wall and climb up to the window chambers of the Empress. Reward he was full of crazy and hot caresses night. Morning Guardsman was doing in the same way back. It is not hard to guess that he had to leave before dawn.

In early 1806, the next secret meeting, Elizabeth A., a little embarrassed, said Okhotnikov:

— I think I'm pregnant. And the father of the child you are, my friend!

Alexei Y. fell to his knees and, like a madman, began kissing her feet. He was only twenty-five years, and he idolized Elizabeth, can not imagine life without her.

No story of more woe

October 4, 1806 at the court theater gave a performance in honor of the Empress, and he was invited to the Hunters. He came along with his friend and colleague, attorney in some of its secrets. Performance, as always, was excellent. After him, in the street, and his friend Ohotnikova suddenly surrounded by several people. Apparently, once he realized what would happen, he grabbed his gun and shouted his friend:

— Beat them! Shoot!

But at a time when the Guardsman is exposed blade, one of the assassins struck him with a dagger deftly to the side, and all immediately rushed in all directions. Hunter fell to the hands of another.

At home, he lost consciousness, and almost immediately came the personal physician of the Empress Stofregen. He examined the wounded man, and found that all the grace of God, can end happily. Importantly, Alexei Yakovlevich must fulfill his requirements and have peace. The wound was treated, went to his friend, and Stofregen, by order of the Empress, stayed the night next to Alexei Yakovlevich.

Soon the wounded began fever, the illness worsened, and soon had to tell Stofregen Empress that her lover dies. And then decided to Elizaveta desperately bold move, not thinking about the future consequences, she secretly visited the dying lover.

Hunters took Empress cold January night in 1807 reclining Guards in full dress uniform. Their meeting was the last and lasted over an hour. A few days later Alexei Yakovlevich died.

Memory of the Heart

However, this love story does not end the Empress. Elizabeth for their money is building a magnificent monument of the beloved in the Necropolis of Alexander Nevsky Lavra: the rock, built of dark stone, on which stands the oak, broken in half by lightning. And under a tree — wrapped in a blanket mournful figure of a young woman, leaning on a funeral urn. Oak, a woman's figure and the urn carved from white marble. At the foot of the cliff — the white marble plaque with the inscription: "Here is buried the body of the Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant-Captain Alexei Yakovlevich Ohotnikova, who died Jan. 30 of the day in 1807 to 26 the year of his birth." Elizabeth until his death continued to love Alexis and sometimes secretly visited his grave. By coincidence, she even died at the family nest Ohotnikova in gaps in 1826, where she led, perhaps, memories.

"… As for me, I can quite honestly say that for me, from now on, there is nothing. For me, do not care, I do not expect anything, I do not want to, I do not know what I'm doing, where I'm going, I do know that I will not return to St. Petersburg: for me it's impossible! "

In one of the boxes of Elizabeth, which she never parted in a secret compartment was found with a bag of letters to her Okhotnikov, full of love, where he even calls her his wife, his portrait, and the cute little things for children, mind you, probably Elizabeth the death of her second daughter. After the funeral of Empress to "family council," it was decided to burn the things found in Elizabeth documents discrediting the royal family. However, the "dirty linen" was still imposed. As it turns out, part of the correspondence with the relics of a secret love was given immediately after the death of Elizabeth Alexis Ohotnikova his brother. Others papers were by herself so securely hidden in the very feminine office.

Author: Irina Smirnova


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