The mystery of the forest Pokaynskogo

January 29, 2012 10:17

Just two hours drive from the capital of Latvia, Riga has an unusually beautiful piece of nature — Pokaynsky forest. A few years ago, this "backwater" became the object of pilgrimage not only frivolous tourists and serious scholars. Here deliver their patients and healers are involved in alternative medicine, saying that the visit of the forest thicket Pokaynskogo nourishes the human body with natural energy. First of all, this is due to the fact that back in the mid 70-ies of the last century spy satellites NASA discovered on the territory of Latvia, the most powerful energy source, which is under the ground.

At the same time, more serious students, and especially physicists and physicians, have expressed the opposite opinion: before visiting Pokaiņi, they argue, should think a hundred times — is there an urgent need to expose their health needless risk?

First of unusual phenomena in Pokaynskom forest in 1996 reported Riga researcher Ivar Wicks. He spoke about the unusual self-heating stones and weather oddities in Pokaiņi. At the time this information was taken for the rally. But there was one scientist who was seriously interested in the message Wicks, it was the physicist radioelektronschik from Riga — Yevgeny Sidorov.

In particular Yevgeny Sidorov said: "I am always with the utmost care and with some skepticism attitude to what is happening in Pokaiņi. It was obvious one — a place to learn, but I have always warned Ivar Viks, See, frequent visits to the place for you may eventually turn into a disaster. "

Now Pokaynsky forest — this is one of the most important parts of the tourism infrastructure in Latvia: entrance fees, neat benches, signs, made in English and Latvian languages, guides from indigenous communities. Accompanying through Pokaiņi immediately warn tourists: "You can not take away from this place rocks. It is believed that Pokaynsky forest was once home to the pilgrims from all over Europe. Each of them brings to the forest stones, and put them in important places with only one purpose: to leave with a heavy burden for his sins. Can you believe it or not, we, unfortunately, know of cases where people, taking with him the memory of forest stone, then ill illness or subjected to various domestic trouble. "

By the way, rocks Pokaynskogo forest is, in fact, the most significant local mystery. Imagine in your mind a forest dotted with thirty hills. At their feet here and there are neatly laid out and not know whose hand is not known when exactly the masonry. Determine their age is extremely difficult, but even in the eyes clearly that these covered with a thick layer of moss stones lying there for centuries. A pokaynskie oaks? How can we explain that they are so similar to regular pine? Why do some tree branches with leaves grow only on one side? For whatever reason, can not see the usual sprawling oak crowns?

To climb each of the thirty hills Pokaynskogo forests without much training is problematic. After all, but be aware that they are scattered over an area of about 400 hectares. But what is surprising if you stand at a certain point on the hill, you can keep warm even in bitter cold. Heat through the legs spreads throughout the body and the person receives a certain sense of peace and tranquility, with the heart starts to beat faster.

According to the stories of indigenous people all the stones have different healing properties. There are stones that help cure diseases of the joints, and other healing of women's diseases, and others cure osteochondrosis. But at the same time there are stones that are harmful opposite the human body, usually from the proceeds of such stones, not heat, cold, unpleasant and even can be said graveyard.

But is there anything to do more or less scientific explanation of the mysterious phenomenon Pokaynskogo forest? Scientists believe that if there is, it is only approximate. Modern science, in general, they believe, today stands on a solid empirical basis, which was founded in the early twentieth century, postulates that the scientific community at this time radically revise not solved. Based on these postulates, the interpretation of these phenomena may be accompanied by either gross methodological errors of researchers or of failure of equipment or misinterpretation of facts or hallucinations and mental characteristics of scientists. However, just ignore similar phenomena science just can not.

According to modern scientists, Pokaynsky forest is truly a powerful geopathic zone. But the nature of it is not in some unknown cosmic energy, and in particular geology Pokaynskogo array: in this case we are talking about features of the structure of the underlying rocks and the ground under the thermal areas, communicating with huge reserves of groundwater. It is no accident here in large numbers are found cold springs and warm keys. There is a statement that Pokaiņi — a zone of high electromagnetic activity. However, the assumption is hypothetical, given that the composition and structure of the soil in this place rocks, tectonic faults existing crust, the presence of radiation, magnetic, electromagnetic and gravitational fields, while not seriously investigated. Yevgeny Sidorov, believes that energy source heating the famous stones Pokaiņi entirely can be concentrated and vast deposits of magnetic ore, and gravity anomalies and seismic tension zone, and underground gas emissions. In the near future Yevgeny Sidorov and his colleagues plan to hold this position and scan the radio range of available measurements of the magnetic field fluctuations. Cases of failure of equipment took place here many times, for example, began to show the wrong time clock or compass pointing in the wrong direction of the world.

However, historians believe that the accumulation of unusual stones in the woods Pokaiņi could wear a sacred meaning. For example, the historian of Riga Janis Graudonis are confident that in the old days these mysterious stones were simply handed down by local residents from their crop fields. But the rub is that the agricultural land adjacent to the forest there. Another version exists that in ancient times these stones had been brought in specifically for the construction of the palace Pokaiņi local prince, but for some reason have not been applied.

And here at the medical-physiology is a practical explanation of what is going on in the woods with a man. The fact that the forest Pokaiņi people jumping pulse — this is definitely a medical fact. We know that even the changes in the magnetic field of the planet can influence the electrochemical processes in a living organism, where the blood acts as the electrolyte. On this basis, it can be argued that in the present Pokaiņi — powerful magnetic anomaly, psychologists believe. It is for this reason that the person entering into the woods, the pulse increases by 7-10 times per minute.

Unusual stories Pokaynskogo forest

In Latvia on Pokaiņi can sometimes hear various fairy stories. Old legends are intertwined with contemporary stories and quite impartial facts. Of the ancient traditions, for example, looks very romantic legend about how in the old days on certain days in the woods Pokaiņi gathered thirty Druids, each sitting on "his" hill and from there controlled the weather in the world. Legend legend, but the indigenous people say that the sky above Pokaiņi never appear heavy rain clouds and the weather all year round is canceled. Believe this information is difficult, but the fact is that when tourists travel from snowy Riga, in Pokaiņi, they can expect a nice warm golden autumn.

According to another local legend: in this place deep in the earth is a big ancient meteorite that emits radioactive rays. Someone is sure that under one of the thirty hills, named Ziggurat, hidden tomb of an ancient ruler. In addition, in ancient times the hill served as a kind of natural compass. Indeed, the stones that lie on it, clearly focused on the parts of the world. On this hill Ziggurat so many write and say that Latvian geologists decided in the near future to carry out race him dig.

But the most surprising evidence of the phenomenon of forest Pokaiņi — this is the story of Jim Hurtoka, a professor from California, who specially visited Latvia to see with his own eyes that he accidentally saw a photo taken from space. According to him, in the mid 70's by NASA satellites, conducting constant monitoring of military activity in the Soviet Union near the borders with NATO, recorded in the Baltic mysterious anomalous energy field. Its diameter is about 350 kilometers from the epicenter in the forest Pokaiņi. Such zones, but much smaller diameter, on the surface, so as recorded by satellites, but so powerful in structure, according Hurtoka, no longer on the planet. Whether this information is real, it is difficult to verify. But at the same time tourists go to the forest Pokaiņi from all over the world.

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