The myth of the enslavement of the Orthodox people Bolsheviks

To date, we have not historically reasoned and balanced view of our past. Rather there are a number of often opposing views on the 1917 and the Soviet Union. One look at the secular patriotic citizens, the other from the West and our compatriots who have emigrated, and the third at us — born in the Soviet Union of Orthodox (especially caught the later period).
Difficult, yes, perhaps, not quite honest, to speak for everyone, so talk about their views. And in this regard there are two input, which initially conflicted in my mind:

1) Orthodox people have experienced in the twentieth century unheard of violence, which so far we have seen only by the invaders: the destruction of the temples, closing monasteries, prisons and repression that have been applied to the clergy and the faithful.
2) As a result of revolutionary changes occurred most powerful state of the planet — the Soviet Union, whose achievements are undeniable (a powerful industry, science, world-class achievements in all fields of activity, and victory in the war of unprecedented gravity)

Before we managed to somehow reconcile the two antagonism, had to realize one very important point: these two conflicting givens by blood and is inextricably linked to the same people and not two different — that it would be clear and would not require any explanations.

Let me explain: If there were some Orthodox people who are oppressed and destroyed the evil Bolsheviks — N1, and some Soviet people who built the industry, amaze the world with their achievements, winning the war — the people N2, then there would be no question it would be necessary only to determine the belonging to the N1 or N2. But the fact thatthere were not two different people! ….. was historically one people!

If not, then who fought the Soviet Union was building, if not the same people, which was the Russian Empire, and was honored by the king — priest, and went up in arms over "Faith Tsar and Fatherland?" And the same people built the Soviet Union, and came upon the enemy in the 1941m "for the motherland, for Stalin!" They are my people, my ancestors, my great-grandparents and grandparents.

The easiest way to take some extreme point of view, it is like to be on the side of the people invented N1 or N2. I must admit to some time, I was thinking just that (was in one of the extremes, content understandable and convenient myth of the oppressed people of N1 Bolsheviks), but then periodically arose ideological conflict. For example, when I remembered that the two-bedroom apartment, we did not buy, but got for free! or when the spring is in the streets gave flowers to veterans and heard the sounds of songs about the holiday "with tears in his eyes."

Even when watching a film about the Great Patriotic War, I do not remember that at least for a moment, if only for a moment, I empathized with the fascists. It just can not be, even though the logic of the myth of two different nations (N1 — Orthodox oppressed or Bolshevism, N2 — Soviet, not associated with an Orthodox majority of Imperial Russia), "orthodox satanic Bolshevism oppressed people" should be happy to take the German army, Russia frees "of Jews and Communists." But never has there been such, and could not be, because it is in principle impossible. The people, then one, and at the level of subcortical, at the level of intuition, is the unity of all of us is always there, even if we do not mind can recognize this unity.

Synthesis took place at the level of the cultural matrix of the people

The synthesis of Christianity and communism has already occurred, but not at the level of theories, but at the level of the cultural matrix of the people. This synthesis took place on the spiritual level of the Russian people — in his mentality, and requires only a statement on paper to start if only in the form of articles, but it's better in the form of well-developed theory.

Again, what I see this synthesis
If we are the same people — who lived in the Russian Tsarist Empire and the Soviet Union — that the Orthodox spiritual code of the Russian people, was complemented by the Soviet great ideals, meanings! Orthodox mentality has not been eradicated, but was supplemented by ideas of social justice, and what is most important for the historical memory of the people — we have the experience of building such a state. Let's not perfect, but it is much more approximate to the ideals of justice than any other in the history of mankind. And it was not done by a bunch of oppressors, and our people.

Socialist and Christian

I have not lived so long in the Soviet Union. Democrats at the time lived by approximately equal to the time that I lived under communism. I am a sincere believer, orthodox. He came to faith in conscious age of 30 years (ie, faith is not the result of education in the family), lived in the Soviet Union, was a pioneer, enjoyed the benefits of a socialist society, then saw the people, and I see the current degradation of morals and public morality.
Thanks to the experience of life in the Soviet Union, I can see the focus on human oskotinivanie. And it does not add in my mind pluses capitalist structure of the world, much to the same secularized, that is, losing the last clamps that held the world from sliding into total degradation. The Soviet system, apparently atheistic, defined its goal the development of a person's cultural moral education, giving everyone the opportunity to receive higher education. The philosophy of the development of capitalism does not imply at all, and the eradication of the remaining Christian paradigms in the Western mentality threatens to turn a man into a thinking animal.

Me obvious advantages to the selfish individualism collectivism. An echo of Soviet education? And this is the advantage over selfishness, individualism, I can now confidently substantiate with the Orthodox position.

I appreciate in people to love people, and I think this is the highest value and greater than greed, greed, bessedrechnost. This Soviet (mutual assistance, mutual aid), and Christian, and historically deep Russian ("he killed, and save your comrade").

I admire the sacrifice of people willing to give their lives — not to mention the well-being and prosperity — for the ideals of faith, for the fatherland. And this too is the consonance of the Soviet and Christian. Interestingly, the Soviet norms and ideals in my case paved the way for the Christian (believing I was 30 years old, and I was with the Soviet childhood). Though of course, we must not forget that the late Soviet period has already been deprived of the militant attitude of faith, which, however, I still did not know and did not have.
I'm not saying that the Soviet system was preparing Christians, but I see that there are some underlying reasons that later I was to discover in Orthodoxy.

And here and there is a need and even a sacred duty to help the weak and disadvantaged. This is an imperative of the Christian ideology, it is the purpose of construction of a socialist society a fair (at least initially).

Watching myself in all this, and more, I am now confidently say about myself that I am a Soviet + Orthodox.
I can not drop and the more curse achievements of the USSR, its truth and its high ideals, which have found a warm response from my people: the people of the Russian Empire, the Holy Russia — have inspired several generations to unprecedented feats in all imaginable and not imaginable fields.

But I can not fail to note that there were big
sacrifices was terrible and troubled times, threatened with the destruction of the country and the people. There was a period of confusion, when the enemy attacked from all sides to Russia. And the enemies were not only outside but also inside. It was a betrayal of the elites (which is today), there was a time of terror.
I do not want to praise and justify, but I do not want to have lied and exaggerated the number of victims of the Gulag (66000000??— The number "calculated" emigrated professor of statistics IA Kurganov , Voiced by Solzhenitsyn). I do not want to cut down all the sins on one side only. I do not want all the past of my country demonized.

The degeneration of the elite

Now it seems to me quite obvious that a catastrophic metamorphosis beginning of the XX century resulted primarily degeneration (degeneration) of the elite. And it began several centuries before 1917. Many researchers have pointed out that by the XIX century upper class has lost blood, mental, and spiritual connection with his people, has ceased to be the expression of their aspirations, locked in their own interests. Some researchers write that the higher strata of Imperial Russia and the Russian people at that time had all the features of two different people (in the language of the elite, mostly French, different traditions, different values, etc.). Figuratively speaking, the elite should be the head of the national organism, more remote and confined itself turned into a polyp or an independent body, coupled with the national body is very thin neck cord or (increasingly taking on the features of the parasite). And even if this is not the case, this trend has occurred because when the new force applied to the people with the denunciation of the elites, it has proved very difficult to justify the fact that the upper classes are no longer fulfill their function, do not care about the people, and even have are not part of it, and acquired features of a foreign, parasitizing the national body, the body. Do not be the truth in the words of the revolutionaries, they would not have happened. If the elite is not reborn in fact, catastrophic metamorphosis, most likely, would not have happened.

The key to understanding

We can not truly appreciate the past, if we do not realize that there is historically one people: the people of Holy Russia, Tsar of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union. This (the hated liberals of all time) people is a community of people, endowed with its own personality, desires, aspirations, his understanding of justice, and world — his mentality.

There are groups, classes, community, more or less connected with the people coming out of the nation, but have their own mentality, often different from the traditional. The elite, the intelligentsia or the various orders should serve as a service to the people, otherwise they will sooner or later be detached, as foreign organisms (parasites).

The people supported the Communists, as the mentality of the group, seems to coincide more with the mentality of the people. After all, in these troubled times, there were other groups (white, anarchists, Esser, the provisional government (the Liberals), the invaders and their puppets), which are also more or less called upon the people to support them.

As a result, we see that there was a surprising unity of the people and the new elite, as expressed in the great achievements of the country of the Soviets. But towards the end of the XX century, has a new elite began to degenerate and eventually she realized the collapse of the Soviet Union. That speaks to the extreme instability of soulless communism, and the need to reform the doctrine of communism, what is not able to "restorers" (adhering to the more Western-liberal view of our history). It is imperative to stop and spit defame, but we need to rethink our past honestly, to be able to move into the future.

The same trap

In contrast to the upper classes of Tsarist Russia, is reborn for a long time, and is therefore quite long prospered without the sad consequences for themselves, the Soviet nomenklatura elite, hit the Soviet Union for the sake of their own well-being, at the end of XX century is not so much at odds with the mentality of the people. However, after the betrayal of the metaphysical and the transition from the category managers in the category of the new Russian bourgeoisie, the former nomenclature is very distant from the people, it went to the degeneration of the order intense.

The difference between the mentality of the people and the modern elite continues to increase, and therefore people are not willing to go to such feats as in Soviet times, secondly, modern nouveau riche lack of passion statehood, and only capable of hoarding, because the elite is simply not able to sound even worthy goals. Third, strengthening the separation of the people and the elites weakens the state, and, in fact, leads to disaster, as the external forces do not miss an opportunity to take advantage of it sooner or later.

Some of the findings

If we realize that there is a historical nation (Imperial Russia, it is the people who created the Soviet Union), it becomes clear that there was no "enslavement" of the people by the Bolsheviks, and was the adoption of the new nation of communist ideas. Orthodox people, the people of Holy Russia, adopted a communist group that was in tune with people's mentality than reborn elite upper classes of Imperial Russia. Catastrophic changes triggered by the fact that the elite had betrayed his people, ceased to understand and express their interests.

Orthodox people became Soviet, shaking off the old, ceases to fulfill its historic mission of the elite, seeing in this way the Communists, the ability to implement such a revolutionary way to their desire for higher: for justice and truth — his messianic mission (messianism Third Rome)

Consonance mentality of the elite and the people created the conditions for an unprecedented breakthrough in the history of Russia: the development of technology, industry, science, art, sports — and, of course, winning the war of unprecedented severity of the enemy, armed with cutting-edge industry has worked all of Europe. Win, the value of which Westerners Liberals need today by all means to belittle or even trample, turned against us, equating Stalin with Hitler, and communism to fascism.

But the changes were disastrous, there was a complete collapse of the old system. A struggle of various groups trying to attract people to their side. So it was a disaster with many victims of Russia, the blood and destruction. Besides occurred and external intervention, demanding a speedy end to strife and resistance to external aggressors. People elected communist ideology, the people supported the Bolsheviks.
But the fault, in my opinion, for the fact that such a disaster was possible, lies on the old elites, "upper classes" that were no longer feel his people that no longer serve him, and to express their interests.

The struggle of the new government came with all the estates of the past, and fell into this comb and the priesthood, which, I must pay tribute, in contrast to the nobility, the bourgeoisie or the landlords of white officers are not migrated completely, and took up the cross at home, keeping his ministry, having with his people all the difficulties and sorrows. And I can not speak well of Patriarch Sergius, spit still behind

padnikami immigrants and for the words of loyalty to the Soviet state (1927 — "declaration" the then Metropolitan Sergius). And the words of Patriarch Tikhon (1923) "I am now is not the enemy of Soviet power. I fina
lly and firmly dissociates itself from both foreign and domestic kontrevolyutsii monarchist White Guard. " This expansion of the Russian Orthodox Church to his people, to build the Soviet Union, she could not forgive the long emigre circles, and never forgive the West, because it is their main fear, and our great chance to make theoretical and dogmatically held at the level of the cultural code of the Russian people and the synthesis of Orthodoxy Communism!

The mistake is a new ideology was vulgar materialism, from which emanated and theomachism. Although, as we can see, the Christian foundations present in the cultural code of the people in his spiritual core, persisted in one form or another in the Soviet socialist society (care for the disadvantaged, sacrifice, rejection of egoism, service to others, focus on the spiritual development of man, the priority spiritual over the material, etc.), which is natural, because it was a choice of the Orthodox people!

PS about the monarchy

The descendants emigrated to the West from the classes today, to return and restore those orders in which their ancestors lived freely. Obviously, this is not possible, due to the fact that it is a state elites led to catastrophic changes, and it was cut off out of the people. In addition, we have all become a bit Soviet, unlike the offspring of the "blue bloods", which became even more western than were their ancestors, that is even more alien to the people.

The new elite, can occur only among living here who suffered, who built and fought with the enemies — of those who stayed at home. And it is from this new elite could happen next monarch. If anything, he should also be a bit Soviet, but certainly does not western mentality.

Today the conditions for the restoration of the monarchy in Russia is not, as there is no new elite does not have the class from which the future monarch can come out, and to which it can rely in the service of the people. In addition to the Russian people is extremely important question the sacredness of the future monarch, who seems almost impossible to solve. Any democratic choice (Cathedral), the more imposing of the Monarch by some elite groups does not solve the problem at all. Western offshoots reborn in the early twentieth century, and finally come off for nearly a century living in the alien environment of the elite, do not fit the definition. And any selected one way or another leader will not be perceived by the people as it is the Monarch — Anointed of God. This will be the next leader of the country, or in the image of Western monarchies — a kind of no relation to the management of the country decorative image. Of course it will not be accepted by the people.

I see only one way in which is possible to recover the true, and not decorative and not imposed by the occupiers of the monarchy, the way the miraculous divine intervention. Another way to return the sacredness of the Russian people, will likely not be accepted. Non-believers and secular people even miss those words as unimportant, as a believer I would say that the possibility of such intervention is available. I'm talking about the "Great Mystery Diveevsk." And if my assumption is correct, then the Monarch tells Seraphim of Sarov. And I think it could happen in 2053: 600 years after the fall of the Second Rome — Constantinople, 150 years after the canonization of St. Seraphim of Sarov among the saints, through 220 years after his blessed death, "when the middle of summer sing Easter!"

May it be Thy will to all, Lord!


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