The myth of the Russian drones.

There is a myth, launched with the help of Western competitors and fans of the national "rollback" that Russian drones as "Mace" do not fly in vain, and that they "inject" 5000000000000. rub. Declare that this statement is not unfounded!
What we have:

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Dan-Baruk" EDO "Sokol"

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Dunham" EDO "Sokol"

Impact drone "Scat" RAC "MiG"

And also, according to the list: producer / name / type of
Antigrad-Air A-03 multi-purpose UAV NART
Vega AIST reconnaissance UAV
Novik-XXI Century Grant's Tactical UAV
Transas WATCH-2 Multi-Purpose UAV
Transas WATCH-3 Multi-UAV
Transas WATCH-4 Multi-UAV
Transas WATCH-5 Multi-UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-201 Multi-Purpose UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-301 Multi-Purpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-2M Multi-UAV
Irkut Irkut-3 Multi-UAV
Irkut Irkut-10 Multi-Purpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-200 Multi-Purpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-850 Multi-Purpose UAV
Yakovlev BEE-1 reconnaissance UAV Operations
Beam fescue Reconnaissance UAV
ENIKS T10E Multipurpose UAV
ENIKS T23E Multipurpose UAV
Tupolev TU-300 Korshunov operational and tactical reconnaissance UAV
Yakovlev BUMBLEBEE-1 reconnaissance UAV Operations
Zala Aero ZALA 421-02 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-04 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-04M Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-06 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-08 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-09 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-11 Multi-purpose ultra-light UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-12 Multi-UAV
Zala Aero ZALA 421-16 Multi-UAV
A total of 32 names. And there is a UAV developed in the USSR in characteristics nearly rivals the import. But this is only the factory design, and there are also private! Enthusiasts, so to speak :)

Now a little about the "stuffing":

Fig. 1

Fig. 2
Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant introduced its own know-how in the field of optics «OPTICS-EXPO». In particular, presents civil optical surveillance SON 730 (Fig. 2) and SON 820 (Fig. 1).
DREAM 730 — the lightest of "long-range" civil optical surveillance systems. Weighing in at 25 pounds, it can detect objects at a distance of 10 kilometers. Upon request, SON 730 can be equipped with an additional set of functional units, such as an automatic acquisition and tracking of the object, as well as an additional subsystem electronic image stabilization.
The main feature of the Civil optical surveillance SON 820 are its small size and weight. SON 820 can be mounted on unmanned aerial aircraft and helicopter types, and aeronautic systems. System weight does not exceed 4 kg. The structure of the CPA 820 includes two data channels. At the request of the customer's system can be equipped with a set of laser range finder, television and / or thermal channels.

In general, comrades, do not believe the spiteful critics!

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