The myth of the Russian drunkenness

People tend to think well of yourself. Usually, even better than they really are. This applies to entire nations, has always tried to create a very positive opinion of himself. But not a Russian, with amazing masochism cultivating currently the most negative stereotypes, and with reference to the classics all, they say, "drink", "steal" (Karamzin), "lazy and incurious" (Pushkin), want to have them, Emel, were all "wave of the wand …"

So if this is true or all of the myths? Where did that come from? About themselves came up with, or who suggested? Do these statements and the historical basis of what? And as the same problems as is the case in "civilized" Europe and America? And most importantly — what is the danger of such a striking self-abasement to the modern spirit of the nation, for our lives today?

Myth: Drinking — national and primordial trait of the Russian people.

Disclosure: A very common perception that binge drinking — is the distinguishing feature of the Russian people that the Russian drank at all times — has nothing to do with reality. This historical myth is a major risk, as Russian unusual for people to impose their propensity to excessive alcohol consumption.

In fact, the phenomenon of binge drinking was quite unusual for our ancestors. Before the baptism of Rus was only three reasons to raise the goblet few drinks: after the birth of the child, in honor of the victory over the enemy, and at the time of the funeral. Besides, in those days, in Russia there was no vodka, nor many other unhealthy drinks. Rusichi drank mead (fermented honey and peeled), which only strengthened their health. Our ancestors lived in harmony with mother nature and alcohol as such they did not know. This can be judged by the same tales. Remember the saying: "Honey, the beer was flowing mustache, and mouth did not fall."

First there was vodka in Russia only five centuries ago. It was brought Genoese merchants in 1428 to the invention of vodka Russian had nothing to do, that "honor" belongs to the now druzhaschego alcohol Arabs. Moreover, immediately after meeting with Russian vodka — she came under the ban. Russian tsars, usually conducted alcohol policy. In times of strong recovery in Russia 15th — 17th centuries were the most sober Russian nation in the world. Even foreigners who visited Russia in those years, noted that a sober lifestyle — a national trait of our ancestors.

Russian vodka drink were only in the mid-16th century, when at the behest of Ivan the Terrible in the First Throne opened the first "tsar's tavern." True, at first strength of vodka was not like that as of now, only 14 degrees.

We also note that until the late 19th century, vodka and other alcoholic beverages in Russia was only available in the drinking houses, popularly nicknamed taverns. Due to this, get drunk only a very narrow stratum of the population, so as to "take on the breast" is authorized only in the tavern. Thus, the fact that drinking has become a habit of the Russian people in those years and was out of question.

This habit started at first strenuously enforce the great Peter

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