The Navy is prepared latest Tsushima

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov making a third attempt to survive in Moscow's main headquarters The Navy. Around the officers of the staff were ordered to pack his bags, according to the decision of Anatoly Serdyukov naval commanders in the summer with their families will have to make move from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The order to move to the main command has already been signed. So Makarov, was put an end to the long debate about the necessity of such a move. Although in fact the scandal is likely to only gaining momentum.

Let us turn to the history of the issue, it so confusing that involuntarily imposed the idea that there is some kind of hidden from the public interest, which is even more important arguments voiced in public. The fact that the relocation of Naval Staff of the capital in St. Petersburg associated with anything, but not a concern for strengthening the country's defense shows a lot of different facts. Initiative itself move came from people who are very far away and from the fleet and the army.

The very first on the subject in 2007 advocated by St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko. "We have long been hatching this idea. St. Petersburg — the Sea Capital recognized, we are the Admiralty, Naval Museum, Maritime Register, institutions preparing staff for the Navy, the ship-building industry. " But let lightheadedness such assumptions and try to answer the question of who the "we who nurtured." One of them is the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov. Specifically it after a certain number of days after the announcement Matvienko came out with a respective request of Anatoly Serdyukov. The proposal received the last of benevolence. Like several previous ones, which frees from various military installations expensive real estate in Moscow.

Immediately joined the Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, the disagreements which the Minister of Defence has never been reported. But it is something, graduate of the Academy of the General Staff, it was necessary to find at least some kind of clear military and strategic rationale of such a move jurisdictional authorities, which are subject to 20% of the nuclear potential of Russia. Administration, which is not only a complex of buildings in Moscow, and has a huge number of sites across the region. For example, such as the emergency command post of the Navy, buried under the ground on 6 floors, which is still in Russian, relatively good years built almost 15 years, or such as a series of powerful communication nodes from which the submarine, located anywhere in the world's oceans are passed team.

But Nikolai Makarov been limited to judgments about the "historical justice" move. Recalling that before the Revolution Command fleet was located specifically in St. Petersburg, because even there and vorachivaetsya. About the fact that before the revolution, and the General Staff was in the same town Makarov rather forgotten. After these statements, and all began to turn. Announcement was made to move the Head of Staff of the Navy from outside the Garden Ring, by the second quarter of 2009. At the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg, there was even a sign — "Commander of the Navy of Russia", deadlines have passed, but all the plates move and stop there. In April of the same year, Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky vaguely saw that in actual fact move from Moscow to St. Petersburg is not agreed upon, there is only verbal orders to that effect.

That still could forever stop this process, which was approved by the Minister of Defence and Chief of the General Staff? Clarify that no one can come to the mind only naval public protests. So in January 2009 came to light a letter addressed to the management of the country, under it signed 63 prominent admiral and senior officers of the Navy, of course already in stores, others have to protest act prohibited. In the middle of the signatories were: Admiral Viktor Kravchenko — the last chief of the Head of Staff of the Navy, admiral Russian Navy Vladimir Tchernavin Union — the last Commander of the Navy of the USSR, admiral Igor Kasatonov — past the first deputy commander of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov — the last commander of the Northern Fleet, and is currently a member of the Federation Council.

Fleet preparing a new Tsushima
Admiralty, St. Petersburg

Their argument against the move was briefly in the following:

— This decision of the Ministry of Defence has a voluntarist nature and not counted economically. Sample only estimates, the cost of such relocation are within 40-50 billion. rub., while the design, development and deployment of all protected system for fleet management is estimated at exceeding $ 1 trillion. rub. With all of this construction for the Navy 1st corvette project "Guarding" is estimated at $ 2 billion. rub.

— Moving the main command of the fleet will lead to inevitable loss of the long term stability of the entire system for fleet management. This would violate the interaction of various components and communication sub-systems into a single system of command and control, including the strategic nuclear forces in the fleet, the Navy command and command Fri Fri all fleets, units and centers of communication between the different authorities are also bodies of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff .

— All the nuclear powers of the Navy headquarters are located in the capital cities, which at the time of crisis, you need to make important decisions in a very rather short period of time.

— The already difficult situation with the combat strength of the Navy Command of the brain will be exacerbated by the fact that in the area of St. Petersburg, in opinion, especially professionals in adverse ground foundation, which makes difficult the creation of highly-Fri team communication and control systems.

With all of this mundane calculations show that the flying time to the NATO air for the application of missile and bomb strikes on targets of the Head of Staff of the Navy in St. Petersburg will be 30 minutes. With all of this our "northern capital" is not covered by such a massive air defense shield, which created around Moscow.

— Transfer to inflict a heavy blow on the personnel and the main command, which is manned by a highly qualified and opytneyshemi staff who have provided years of service and the control of the forces of the fleet. Many of them may turn away from moving to St. Petersburg, because they needed to serve not so quite a few years, and to establish their own way of life on the new site, many of them no longer zahochut. According to preliminary estimates from nearly 800 employees to move to the main command Peter longs only 20 people.

— Since the current time in the building of the Admiralty, and that's going to move to the high command of the fleet, housed the Naval Engineering Institute, it will be necessary to carry out. But this is an establishment that prepares engineers for the Premier League, has a unique educational and technical base. Here in the number of objects presented working models of nuclear reactors, cut subs with all instrument and equipment, diving set, camera damage control. All this will have to move to a new location. According to estimates for professionals, it will be more than 10 years, which will go on to perform complex system and installation and commissioning. Naturally, at the time of the transfer at the Institute for the training of professionals in our fleet will be deg

Conclusion 63 signatories of the letter's completely clear: "In crossing the main command from Moscow is not necessary, except for the implementation of fundamental fantasies of our officials. Redeployment will claim the tremendous cost of money that would be better to bring the construction of houses for the officers and the purchase of new ships for the navy, which in Russian stocks in recent years have gone very few, and that in the main made for foreign customers. "

In conclusion, it can lead worldview of the former first deputy commander of the Navy Admiral Ivan Kapitantsa, which stressed that there is no best explanation for this move. "For the Russian fleet may finish second Tsushima."

Hunt to believe that two years have passed in the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the government of the country reflected on Rezonit retired admirals. But since the decision to move all the same was made, and no clear explanation to the public and not followed, we have come to the conclusion that the top just want to spit on all sorts of objections, when it comes on the Moscow real estate, which is estimated in numbers with many zeros . Even in this case is a question of the defense of.

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