The phenomenon of magnetism in Ukraine common among women

February 25, 2013 18:24

Ukrainian land to rich women magnets! About Tamara Dmitruk of Novograd Volyn, which cling to the body of metal objects, "Ukraine Abnormal" reported at the time, today is an occasion to meet with 77-year-old Valentina Mikhaylishin. As is often the case, she found a phenomenal talent quite by accident.

Stick to her body all: metal and plastic products, paper and even glass. A stick like someone smeared superglue! A woman can easily hold on the palms and chest cutlery spoons and forks, an iron, a book, a glass of water …

On the table … in front of us — a plastic kit. Mrs. Mikhaylishin touches her hand — and the next moment lifts into the air. That is to say, a prelude to the show. The following exercise with a thick book of three hundred pages — it is held in his hand, turned upright. Impossible to tear. "I must tell myself mentally, and then easily fall behind the subject" — explains the woman magnet.

Discovered her talent that she … in the bus. "One day, coming home from work. Inside, many passengers, no room to swing a cat — conductor can not overcrowded. Therefore requests to transfer money for tickets. Take out of the coin purse and hand to hand — says the woman. — And what do you think — the conductor is trying to take, but can not: money is stuck! Indignant thought kidding. And I did not even realize what had happened.

Once home, I go to the kitchen to drink some tea, accidentally touched his hand ladle, and it stuck. I take a fork and a spoon — the effect is the same. What I felt at that moment? Horrified. Thought it was some kind of pathology, a health problem. But, thank God, all right. During his thirty years a nurse, I have never been on sick leave still do not know the taste of tablets. "

Valentine Mikhaylishin not understand why an unusual gift items attract suddenly appeared in her body. Repeatedly appealed to the doctors. I thought I explained. And they were amazed and just shrugged.

"That's how I live with his talent — says. — To entertain grandchildren, friends or guests. "

— And what the maximum weight you can hold on your body? "- Interested in the lady.

— Four pounds, no more — is responsible. — Certainly not a record number, but it's enough to surprise the audience. Helps me the gift of life. Now I "magnetized" hands easily relieve pain. Without contact — only'll take over your head, and it all goes away.

And once Valentine with his gift saved the lives of patients. He came to visit after the operation — the man removed the appendix. The wound has started to heal. "It would seem that all is well — says the nurse. — But I suddenly felt the warmth in his hand, and his fingers dug like spikes. Surprised, confused. Patient word. Rather, the doctor. So, they say, and so: apparently, during the operation have forgotten something in the abdomen! And he looks at me like I was crazy and did not believe. Long urged, and as it turned out, for good reason: the surgeons accidentally left in the wound sewn napkin size of 24 by 24 centimeters. After the second operation the patient came to me with a bouquet of flowers. "

At the end of the call the hostess decides to surprise guests with glass trick. The size of it — meter by meter. As for his hand and easily lifts at breast height — vertically. "What do you feel during these exercises, ask a female magnet. "Nothing, she smiles. — Only fatigue, severe if the subject. "

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