The police are searching for a UFO hovering over the Pulkovo

April 23, 2012 16:13

Photo: Earhart — UFO over cups of Pulkovo.

The police on duty called Petersburg airport and asked to "deal" with an unknown flying object.

Unidentified object seen pilots they and asked to remove it.

In the department of Lomonosov district received an alarm from the Pulkovo Airport. Duty-change reported that over the airfield at 900 meters recorded an unknown flying object in the shape of a ball.

The caller said that the UFO can cause problems during takeoff and landing aircraft.

— Employees Pulkovo asked urgently remove it in any way, as it interferes with air traffic — told the room. — We have to respond to such calls by any means had to knock the ball.

A few minutes later investigators were at the scene, but could not find the UFO.

By the fact of review.

On the subject:

UFO landing Pulkovo watched

Drew up a half hour jet fuel to land on five wheels instead of six.

Passenger side with injuries chassis flew 1,500 kilometers from Berlin to St. Petersburg, losing a wheel in a German airport.

All individuals with such attention naolyudali for aircraft that UFOs detected only after seeing the photos and videos!

See 6 to 9 second pair of UFO over the airport Pulkovo.

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