The police service dog was asked to provide a written statement Peach

February 20, 2013 16:19

Some laws are so absurd that they have to comply to smash his head. Thus, the British police service dog demanded Peach write a written report on the performed her detention. Attempts dog owner to appeal to the common sense not to have failed, according to Sun.


Constable Peach (Pc Peach) — was the name of the service dog, recently distinguished himself catching the criminal. However, rather than to encourage the animal something tasty, British authorities demanded that he write a report on their work. No arguments Peach owner that his client never knew how to write, do not help the cause. Authorities referred back to the master sleuth with a request to comply with the necessary formalities.

Then resourceful Brit decided to write a report for your pet. Children's sloppy handwriting, he led police on official letterhead: "I went out after him. I bit him. Bad person. He is delicious. Good for you. Peach done. " To his dog could sign, the man dipped her paw in ink and put it to paper.
Photo form soon hit the dedicated "police humor» Facebook-group and then scattered all over the web. The authorities' response to it is unknown. Reported only that Constable Mark Tissington, who first posted the picture in the Internet, praised for the outstanding dog obedience commands and enforce discipline.

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