The sixth issue of the digest is dedicated to Santa ethnogeny Belarusians

In Minsk, on Tuesday was presented the sixth issue of the historical digest "Grandparents". The collection includes conference materials on the ethnogenesis of the Belarusians, held in Minsk on January 30.

In the 336-page illustrated almanac, released in the capital's publishing house "Harvest" edition of one thousand copies, includes materials science and practical conference on issues ethnogeny Belarusians from ancient times to the XIII century, which was held in Minsk on January 30. The conference put forward the hypothesis that the Slavic praetnosu never existed, and so-called Slavs — the phenomenon of cultural and linguistic, anthropological, and not genetic. Belarusians are the descendants of the Balts — Lithuanians and Ruthenians, which in the Middle Ages went on Slavic language, retaining the basis of its vocabulary and phonetics, as well as to Christianity.

Among the most interesting materials editions of his editor Anatoly Taras called the publication "So Balts and Slavs?" journalist Vadim Deruzhinskogo, local historian Dmitry Obodovsky article, which is near the capital has found a unique way anthropomorphic stone frog Stone Age. Polish historian of Russian descent Yuri Turonak in "unwanted Republic" shows that BPR appeared contrary to the wishes of Poland and Russia, who never wanted to see Belarus as an independent.

According to Taras, in This year, scheduled to release two more rooms almanac in Russian. "If you take away the majority of the national idea, you can raise the issue of the transition of all Belarusians on whiteRussian language, "- He said.

Taras said that the fall in the capital next conference is scheduled for the problems ethnogeny Belarusians in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (XIII-XVI century), the theoretical basis of which the book will serve as an American researcher Timothy Snyder's "Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1569-1999 years "published in 2010.

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