The storm made the beach a mysterious ship

September 4, 2012 13:44

Struck the southeastern U.S. coast tropical storm "Isaac" from under the layer of sand large old ship, writes Daily Mail. The vessel, which has long rested on one of the beaches in Alabama, was found living off the coast of the locals. Now they, along with scientists scratching their heads over what exactly is an unusual find.
The ship remained virtually only the wooden frame, so it is rather difficult to identify. More or less certain that he acted on steam engines. Versions of the origin of the schooner is now somewhat: in one of them, the ship was in the military, on the other — used to transport a variety of products, such as alcohol or wood.

And there is no consensus as to who owned the ship. Some scholars tend to believe that smugglers: that the schooner used for transportation of alcoholic products in 1930., When the United States acted dry. According to this theory, the ship was called "Rachel" and ran aground in 1933.

Another group of specialists is sure: the ship participated in the battles during the Civil War. In their version, during the war between the North and the South, which lasted from 1861 to 1865., President Abraham Lincoln ordered the block south of the country, to chop off its trade relations with Europe. Found a ship supposedly just used to break the blockade.

Tropical storm "Isaac" struck Mississippi and Louisiana multimillion damage. President Barack Obama even declared the region, which had been evacuated nearly a million people, a disaster area. It is now known about the seven killed (five in Louisiana and two in Mississippi). In addition, over 100,000 people are still without power.

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