The streets of the village Pugachevo resemble a war zone

The streets of the village Pugachevo resemble a war zone

This "disarmament" do not have anyone. Now continuous work most languid fire IL-76 in the past Pugachevo and a heavy downpour in the end gave up. If the last NIGHT MODE gunfire resounded in stock (frequency gaps reached 40 per minute), after the afternoon intervals between explosions already began to make watches.

To get to the closed regime-area residents evacuated the village Pugachevo impose a certificate from the center of temporary stay: no passports, no one actually. In the first day or two explosions at a military arsenal residents of the city were allowed to check their apartments and take the documents. Blockhouse built around the whole place. Every military family is recorded in the magazine and release support.

Much of the ammunition fragments that are on the local housing sector neutralized. In the village there is not the 1st of a window and the roof. One of the houses after a direct hit burnt hundred percent. The streets quickly reminded of the fighting — fragments of shells, destroyed homes and cars warped. In the arsenal stored 170 thousand tons of munitions debris scattered in a radius of 10 km.

In broken homes residents simply at a loss to know where to start cleaning up: electricity is turned off, there is no water supply. From the blast entire floor strewn with glass and pieces of plaster.

After the bombing, which lasted more than a day, the inhabitants of Pugachevo just find out their homes. Sappers have conducted demining streets, but in yards and along roads remained unexploded ordnance. Just one kilometer from the residential houses in the very last part of the military-proof operation. Ring cordon in the restricted zone is not yet on one day.

The coming of the burning warehouse spetsnaz units patrolled the village to prevent looting. At the moment here vorachivayutsya inhabitants. Military says: any danger outside the three-kilometer zone around the armory at the moment does not exist.

"How much is destroyed, how much is left until the count is not possible. There are remaining stores that are partially destroyed, have shells that are scattered areas," — says the head of the Volga Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation Igor Panshin.

In the temporary accommodation of evacuees still several thousand people. Families are living in separate rooms on three — 5 people. In boarding houses, where the people are on duty psychologists and doctors from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Ufa.

On the territory of the arsenal is currently working languid technique that clears blockages warehouses, trees and buildings. Mine languid munitions such as missiles systems "Grad", are engaged in boats. Unexploded munitions are transported to a remote area where later be destroyed.

A spokesman for the commander of the Central Military Area Jaroslav Roschupkin explains: "The explosions are rare temper. 1-2 explosion in 15 minutes. Ochagov smoke was observed. On the technical areas arsenal working technique that clears approaches for fire engines."

Search is on for a missing soldier, who participated in the liquidation of explosions. 10 thousand inhabitants of the village for a number of days still remain in temporary accommodation until the military are not completely finish their operation and will not be canceled on the ground state of emergency.

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