The teachings of fighter aircraft of the Western Military neighborhood began in the Astrakhan region

The teachings of fighter aircraft of the Western Military District began in the Astrakhan regionTo fight with the superior largest aviation group of the enemy, scout out his targets on the ground and the position of defense, block the air Russian border force to board the intruder — is far not a complete list of training and combat issues that will work WEST pilots during exercises , which began on March 27 in the Astrakhan region. It is reported by the press service of the Western Military Area.

For exercises on Ashuluk were relocated from Karelia aviapodrazdeleniya armed fighters Su-27 (more than 10 units) and part of the land with machinery to ensure flights.

During exercises take place and "air duel", which represent an effective way to test skills of pilots and pilot training method is valid application in a dogfight all the tactical and technical capabilities of aircraft and weapons.

In addition, pilots will perform firing at ground targets, which will simulate the position of the enemy and its military equipment.

In conclusion, the pilots waiting for the ordeal: a radio-controlled target shooting "Tribute." Such targets may be very difficult to move around the line of motion and doing exercises in different planes and at different speeds.

In the process of teaching pilots perform above seventy missions, kill about 40 air targets and conduct combat with 20 simulated enemy aircraft — when you try to cross the border of the air space of the Russian Federation.

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