The threat of a tsunami was declared in Kamchatka for 15 minutes

Warning of a possible tsunami, which could be caused by an earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk, was transferred to several locations in Kamchatka, but shortly after the threat has been removed, and now the tsunami Kamchatka is not threatened, told RIA Novosti Special Programmes Minister Sergei Kamchatka Khabarovsk.

The earthquake, the magnitude of which was, according to the Geophysical Service of Japan — 7.3, according to the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS — 7.5, and according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Sakhalin — 6.3, occurred on Monday at 14.59 local time (6.59 MSK) Sea of Okhotsk to the east of Sakhalin.

"Warning of the approach of the wave was transferred to Kamchatka Kamchatka station tsunami 15.23 local time (7.23 MSK). Automatically passed to alert communities of the region, which would fall under the impact of the wave. However, 15.38 local time, the threat of a tsunami has been removed," — said Khabarov.

In communities Kamchatka earthquakes were not felt. Victims or damage.

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