The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko, Protasenya. The fourth day

In the October court continued the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd, nonpartisan Andrei Protasenya and so-called "earphone" Vladimir Homichenko.

Courts for Square

19:28In court adjourned until 10 am and 5 May.

18:52 — 19:25Thrush lawyer Svetlana Gorbatok in his speech also denies the presence of the riots. He says that there is no practice of articles about the riots. Argues that there was no riot, the pressure of the crowd to riot. The victims have not identified the specific defendants. The lawyer drew attention to the personality Drozd as a scientist. He had no conflict with the law. It is not dangerous to society.

18:17 — 18:50 Acts lawyer Homichenko Mrs. Mackiewicz. Lawyer analyzes the inspection of the area after the rally. Nothing of importance to the area was not found. Fixtures, poles, ice ax appeared only in the third protocol, and 15-hours of the next day. Therefore, the protocol can not be trusted. Lawyer denies and video. She noted that there was no examination of disks. They do not indicate the date and time. Insists on the withdrawal of these discs from the case. Materials from fixed cameras are not presented to the court.

The lawyer said that it was unclear exactly who caused damage to the victim riot policemen.

Counsel notes that the rally began peacefully. Tells how the penal code interpreted the concept of "mass disorder". He believes that the key features of mass disorders in the actions of the accused were not.

The lawyer said that it was not arson, riots, violence against the person, the armed resistance. As for the property, the destruction of only glass, pipes and juniper. On the porch was not acting crowd, and isolated group of people. I suffered serious damage medekspertyza riot police did not confirm. Homichenko not going to get into Government House. He, by the way, he got hit with a truncheon on his back. Riot police he did not hit. Hit several times by foot and hand on the table that blocked the entrance to the building.

The lawyer drew attention to the feature Homichenko, the state of his health. About the election, he had a rather abstract idea. For himself, he is not fully responsible. But became the hero of the TV screen and the Internet. He's not a very healthy and happy person. He was brought up in an orphanage with special needs. It poses no danger to society. On the contrary, no one provided security order in the area. The situation provoked him. Wines Homichenko not proven. The lawyer asks him to justify.

18:11 Protasenya lawyer says aspirations to get to the Government House in her client was not. Why indictment alleges that he paid a 15 beats, for a lawyer is not clear. Collusion had no one there. His actions do not fall under the concept of "riots". Counsel emphasizes what good performance in Protasenya. That he had not been brought to criminal and administrative responsibility. She asks justify Protasenya.

18:06 Lawyers began to speak.

18:05 The prosecutor asked Protasenya and Homichenko 3 years, Drozd — 3.5 years, Vinogradov and Kirkevich — 4 years.

17:56 After the action on the square were smoke bombs, rods, sticks, the building was damaged. Actions Drozd, Vinogradova, and Homichenko Protasenya obvious. Strokes are applied. As for Kirkevich, then get a whole slide show, said the prosecutor. We found Vinogradov hat with slits for the eyes, and in Protasenya — yellow jacket and hat. The prosecutor insisted that the square was a riot. Their actions in part all recognized. Someone completely, some partially. The actions on the porch of the Government House was attended not all protesters. But all the accused later, after beating glasses were on the porch, and succumbed to the actions of the crowd. Doors to beat a lot of people. But the defendants also. He refers to sentences that are already in force, as to proved that there were riots. The prosecutor believes that Vinogradov and Homichenko that were judged, this is a relapse.

17:31 — 17:50 Begin pleadings, acts Attorney Borovsky. The prosecutor insisted that there were riots. Destroyed property, caused damage to the administration building, caused by beatings by riot policemen. Lists how many strokes who inflicted. Protasenya by the prosecutor, paid not less than 15 strokes. Homichenko dealt a lot of blows to the fences, doors of Government House. In court, the police interviewed 9. Statement 19-year- read out. At the time of breaking glass riot was not. He was in reserve, hoping for a peaceful character of the action. But at the Independence Square riots broke out. They arrived later. According to the prosecutor, and hit her with riot police, riot police and protesters are beaten. They are also badly affected. For example, Drozd hit even videaaperatara.

17:29 Previous conviction for theft in Homichenko. Managed to steal, but to endure — no. What is planned for the area on Dec. 19, he did not know in advance. Acknowledged that not all the action every exercised. But everyone involved in something.

17:27 The lawyer Mackiewicz judge dismissed. Mackiewicz Homichenko asked to introduce ourselves.

17:20 Lawyer asks Kirkevich attach another video to the point and show in the process. The prosecutor asked to reject the petition — they say that there are other perspectives. A interview Rymasheuski to the case is not relevant. Lawyer objects. The judge rejected the lawyer Gorbatok. She said that, well, the picture is clear and true. Duration of 11 minutes drive also presented BHC. Lawyers are asked to attach it to the case and see. Prosecutor v.. The prosecutor said that the actions of the police officers are not the subject of specific court proceedings.

17:09 The lawyer Svetlana Gorbatok petition reads famous scientists in defense of Dmitry Drozd.

17:04 The judge closed the criminal case under article 370 regarding Vinogradov.

16:27In court adjourned for 5 minutes.

16:26 Charged under Article number 370 — abuse of state symbols — filmed in connection with the termination of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution.

16:23 The prosecutor asked Vinogradov, will it answer the question regarding the charges under Article number three hundred and seventieth There's a statute of limitations has passed.

16:20 The prosecutor asked to adduce sentences that have already been — in relation to already convicted Parfiankou, Otroshchenkov and others. The prosecutor insisted that the riots proved.

15:56 — 16:15 Anastasia Palazhanka stands witness. The judge immediately made a comment that caused it not to contact with the accused. Anastasia Palazhanka says that people behaved peacefully. Intention to storm the Government House was not. The slogans were like, "Police with people!". Aggressive slogans, aggression, no guns and accessories people did not have. Riot police had to adtsyasnits not and do not hold people, and to bring down. Very hard-behaved special forces. On the part of the presidential candidates have been calls for the negotiations. Specific names and positions, with whom to negotiate, not voiced.

She said that she knows Kirkevich and Vinogradov. Was in the square. But it Kirkevich and Vinogradov did not see. On Independence Square came a little early crowd.

Saw broke windows. And these peop
le was not stopped. Only heard the noise then. The police came much later. People were given the chance and the opportunity to beat the glass. Riot police appeared after 20 minutes. According Palazhanka, riots perpetrated by police, not the people in the square.

15:45 Question Kachaguru witness, which came in the morning without a passport. Friends with Kirkevich. December 19 was in Minsk. On October Square and Independence Square Kirkevich seen at the rally. The arrival of special forces also found. He stood at the monument to Lenin. Says that the commandos appeared to shoot down people.

Came to the door, but saw only the back of the journalists. Insists that the special forces beat people. Uniforms, except rod with flags, the people he has not seen.

Protasenya remembers how he tried to grab the shield, and about hitting remembers. Confirmed that the jacket and hat yellow belong to him.

15:35 The judge read the testimony Protasenya. They focus on the effect of the crowd, he acted under the influence of the crowd.

15:33 The judge read the testimony Kirkevich. In January, he denied much.

15:30 Homichenko answers questions with a smile, fun.

15:28 Allegedly Homichenko physical force is not applied, the property is not damaged. When he came, it was already broken. Admitted that he had made true in court.

Thrush 15:24 previously testified that he was not in the frame. Drozd explains why. The judge read the testimony Homichenko.

15:20In connection with discrepancies and contradictions of accused judge decided: read them.

15:17 The prosecutor asks questions Kirkevich. Asks Kirkevich tried to strike. Tot. I did not try. Kirkevich was hit on the head by riot police. Kirkevich explains what he was doing in the square.

15:12On the video footage can be seen as pushing Protasenya other person in the cap, using it as a battering ram.

15:07On the next drive Protasenya in the yellow jacket has shields. Video in slow motion.

14:52 Again repeated shots from Kirkevich. Go saver — "Kirkevich stormed the Government House." Got a close-up face Kirkevich. But the aggressive action on his part is not visible.

14:48Students who were driven into the hall asleep.

14:38In the video, the young are pushing riot police shields. Featured Klaskouski and Rymashevski. Sometimes the screen goes — "Kirkevich in the crowd outside Government House," "Kirkevich stormed the Government House." The footage doors of Government House, made wardrobes, general plans for the area, the people on the steps of Government House, next to the monument. Disturbances are not visible.

14:32 Demonstrate pictures Kirkevich and Rymasheuski at the Palace of Trade Unions.

Demonstrate a night shoot fire. But that is lit — it is difficult to understand.

Photo exhibit Vinogradova in the country or picnic. Visible fire that burns — not dismantle. Video from your computer Vinogradov. Something red, like a piece of cloth thrown into the fire.

14:16 Vinogradov refused to answer questions.

14:15 First review the third disc. The files are very short. It is seen as a young beating on the door of the Government House.

14:12 Homichenko and found himself says that he was drunk. Otherwise, so would not lead themselves.

14:10 Repeated shots fromProtasenya, If he pulls out a riot policeman shield.

14:10 The process resumed

13:05 adjourned the court until 14 hours.

13:01 Protasenya themselves heard. Desire to get to Government House he was not. Did not act to make sense when slapped on the police. Not comprehending the shield, which he pulled out, is part of a policeman's outfit.

12:54The video flashed Natalia Kolyada and Anatoly Lebedko. Again, we see Klaskouski. Riot police repel the crowd.

12:49 Close-up Klaskouski with a stick.

12:46Video footage can be seen on the doors of Government House made cabinets and desks. The people trying to push them.

12:41 Prataseya in a yellow jacket and yellow cap hit. Commotion at the door. Again Homichenko close-up.

12:37Video footage on people beat on the door of the Government House. In the foreground Fedorkevichey. Klaskouski knocking at the door.

12:32 General plans for the area. The guy in the blue jacket and glasses hit the board on the door of the Government House.

12:25Video footage can be seen on Khalip and Sannikov.

12:24The third disc is seen Rymasheuski with megaphones. Again, no sound. Kastusyou with megaphones, no sound. Says the iPad for, there is no sound.

12:21 The next disc in court is impossible to review, said clerk.

12:17 The prosecutor asks Protasenya, or he was wearing a yellow jacket. Protasenya said no. Thrush admitted that he had done out of desperation two strikes on the door.

12:19 Homichenko recognized himself in the video. But what hit her with an ice pick, do not remember.

11:54 — 12:09. Court turns to the study of video recordings. Video is without sound. The video shows how to beat on the door. It removes a lot of videaaperatarav. Beaten with sticks. Went chain riot police, who compartment crowd from the porch.

11:50 The witness, a teacher of the Lyceum of Grodno Gostsev. Kirkevich knew long ago. Alexander was engaged in local history, created a museum, is interested arhealegiyay, museum business. Kirkevich very responsible, active, inquisitive man, he studied in the historical class of the Lyceum. Responsible for the museum. He describes Kirkevich as highly moral person, honest and responsible.

11:45 The witness, a pastor of the Protestant Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Paul Red. Tells the story of a moral Kirkevich. He says that he was a true Christian who holds Christian values.

11:2511:35 Listen to the witness of the Cossack Navagrudak. He said he knew of the accused only Kirkevich. With them it was square. Cossack was to protect Rymasheuski, stood at the monument to Lenin. Saw the emergence of riot police in the square, as well as those who hit the glass in the Government House is not seen as standing far away. Riot police beat people with batons, shields repelled. The candidates talked about negotiations with the government. Let's go to the Government House before they started to smash windows. Kazak guarded area near the monument, a cordon held back the people. He saw two chains of special forces. The second circuit was acting pretty tough.

Lawyers specify a witness Kozak was doing, where he was a presidential candidate Rymashevski. He told me that the special forces rushed to the candidates when they talked about the negotiations. He does not remember whether seen Kirkevich.

10:5511:08 Witness Volchok of Navagrudak— Fam
iliar Kirkevich. December 19 saw Kirkevich near the train station. On the square Kirkevich seen. He saw the special forces out of the area. He came out half an hour after beating glasses in the Government House. Was at this point in the tree.

Some time was about Vital Rymasheuski. Then, at the Christmas tree. I saw how the crowd went to the Government House. Believes that broke windows provocateurs. He says that no storm Government House was not, it was a provocation, to show that there were riots, and not a peace rally.

The judge asked, took out some items from the apartment that could be used in the square. The witness did not answer the question.

The witness said he was in the office of the BCD, along with Vitaly Rymashevsky. We agreed on an area to stick together. Kirkevich a while, too, was with them. But sometimes people get lost. Kirkevich lost somewhere near the Red Church. What did the candidates do not exactly remember. But he did not hear any of the candidates called for the assault of the Government House.

10:3810:48 Mrs. witness of Navagrudakin. She arrived in Minsk, was in the square. Was at the steps of Government House, heard the beat of glass. She did not hear anyone calling for the storming of the Government House.

He says that the candidates spoke about the negotiations. Where are they supposed to conduct these negotiations, the witness did not hear.

10:26 Witness Kochegurov came without a passport. The judge refused to listen to his testimony. Bahar called the witness.

10:22 There are new witnesses. Among them,Vitaly Rymashevski, which is now giving evidence in court, Andrei Sannikov. But the prosecutor objected to Bohr: When will Rymashevski, and then will be considered. However, two other witnesses will testify.

10:18 The process resumed.

10:15 The process has not started yet, because once set up equipment to view the videos. The two rows in the courtroom occupied
Cadets from the school police

The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko Protasenya. The first day
The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko Protasenya. The second day
The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko, Protasenya. The third day

Pavel Vinogradov

He was born on April 24, 1988 in Minsk. He graduated from vocational school number 4. He studied at the Faculty of History and Geography of the Minsk State Pedagogical University.

Was active in the campaign "European Belarus". For political activities detained by police. In 2008, he was a defendant in the "case 14 " under Article 342 of the Criminal Code, which was opened for participation in the rally of entrepreneurs January 10, 2008. He was sentenced to two years of imprisonment without sending them to penitentiary institutions. A year later pardoned.

Recently, an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth", a member of the initiative group of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. He was arrested on the night of January 5, 2011. He is charged under articles 1 and 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code (organization and participation in mass disorders). Detained in jail number 1 in Minsk on the street Volodarskogo 2.

Ales Kirkevich

The deputy chairman of the "Young Front", the head of his department of Grodno. He's 21. He was born in Grodno in the family historians. Joined the history department of the University of Grodno, but decided to defer their studies for the sake of political activity.

He was arrested Jan. 28 after a search of his apartment and the questioning of the Grodno KGB on charges of rioting. Taken to Minsk and placed in the KGB detention center. He was charged under Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code — Active participation in the riots.

Andrew Protasenya

He was born on December 12, 1981. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Belarusian State University. He worked as a computer programmer. A member of the UCP.

Volunteers was in the campaign of presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Detained on February 9, 2011. He is charged under Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code — "an active part in the riots." Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitri Drozd

He was born on March 26, 1973. He worked as a photographer, a great scholar, researched the archives.

Not interested in politics.

In 2010 he published his great work — the book "Landowners Minsk province 1861-1900 ".

Under the election campaign in 2010 was a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov. For participating in a protest on December 19 left 10-day arrest. February 1, 2011 has been taken into custody for 3 days as a suspect in Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code. Charged with participating in a riot. Contained in jail number 1 Valadarski Street.


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