The upheavals of the Earth Earthly cataclysms (7 films) EARTHSHOCKS watch online

The upheavals of the Earth Earthly cataclysms (7 films) EARTHSHOCKS watch online
1.Smert stars / Death Of A Star
Watching the star Mira indicates concise but very significant moment in the death of stars similar to our sun.
2. "Giperuragan": scientists warn that we are among the growing cycle of the Atlantic storm activity. Will test whether we discover one of the most deadly hurricane cycles in history? The answer to this question, scientists seek out places that we do not guess …
3. "What did the West": new discoveries overturn our understanding of the formation of the South American west. Floods, the scale of which is impossible to imagine, excellent volcanoes, landscapes, reminiscent of Mars — these revelations can predict the fate of the Earth …
4.In the depths of the Pacific Ocean from our glah hidden killer — the most powerful tectonic fault that is home to almost 90% of global volcanoes, about 80% of the foci of earthquakes, and almost a third of the world's population. On average, there is an earthquake or erupts volcano every hour. This — "Ring of Fire". And there is evidence that at the moment it is 3 times more intense than ever before.
5. "Cremation chamber Land"65 million years ago, an unheard of event put an end to the era of dinosaurs. New theories suggest new explanations that still then left ….
6.Vo second half of the XX century, the world was shocked discovery that the impact of a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs. Now new study raises another question: could you ever been falling meteorite become another prerequisite of the dinosaurs? Blow that killed 99.9% of all living creatures, paving the way of the dinosaur. They become masters of the world.
7.In the very heart of our solar system there is evidence naikrupneyshey All Time asteroid bombardment of the Earth. The mysterious event gallakticheskogo scale forced millions of asteroids with orbits and get fall on our planetoid.

Episode 1 — The Death Star / Death Of A Star cataclysms earth from space hazards

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