The walking dead of Tana Toradja

September 28, 2012 2:17

If you think that this walking corpse fruit of the imagination of Hollywood make-up artist of genius, you are deeply mistaken: in front of you is not an actor, but a completely 'normal' resident of the village of Tana Toradja (Tana Toraja).

According to residents of the Indonesian villages, through black-prichernoy magic, like the tail of an ancient mammoth, all went to a better world homo sapiens can be revived and turned into a zombie … and without all the implications thereof, including devouring brains.

In addition, Toradzhiytsy claim that can easily raise the dead from their graves, and it is not a metaphor.

Reading about the burial rituals Toradja, I came to the conclusion that there are two different theories to explain why the region is so popular zombie.

One was the fact that, according to local legend, the dead should be buried in the ground, where he was born, not where he was killed. Therefore, if pokoynichek went a good distance from his family home, his family was much more profitable to pay the shaman, who owns a black art, so he revived the dead and made the walk back home alone than to drag it on his own back.

And the second — financial. In the past, burial in Indonesia was 'happy' is not cheap, so the dead turned into a zombie, so they can help with chores and do errands until accumulated the necessary amount to buy a coffin.

It's hard to believe, but as explained in the above picture, where the shaman supports hand hesitantly, yet woman standing alone, according to conservative estimations gave up the ghost about six months ago.

"At first we thought it was part of the tour of the village and Toradja before us made-up actor. Soon, however, the laughter and screams of delight changed deathly silence — says a shy photographer who wishes to remain anonymous. — It comes from smell that watery eyes, and in the stomach unfolding World War III. Shaman kept dead woman, at this point none of the tour group is in no doubt that she was really dead, the hand, and she shook her head lazily and tried to say something, but only opened his mouth, from which could be heard inaudible hiss. "

The villagers say that the ability to raise the dead from their graves they received from their ancestors, who were all-powerful shamans, and a generous reward ready to demonstrate all their skills to everyone.

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