The world market SSJ-100 rated at about 800 aircraft

First Western customer SSJ-100 — Mexican Interjet — get your first car in the spring of 2013, promised in an interview, "the Newspaper" the president SuperJet International Carmelo Cosentino. All order for 20 aircraft will be completed within two years.

  • SuperJet International President Carmelo Cosentino
  • SuperJet International President Carmelo Cosentino

— October 6, arrived in Venice SSJ-100 with serial number 95023 for the Mexican company Interjet. What's next to it going to happen?


— We are ready to work with the aircraft. As you can see, beauty is now empty. In accordance with the wishes of the customer, we will install it in the style of the interior, designed by Italian design group Pininfarina. Some components of the interior we have already received. Chairs, for example, have been made. Now we are waiting from your luggage racks and side panels. And we are working on certification of the interior — addition to the Type Certificate EASA-STS.

We must ensure the delivery of the aircraft to the customer in March 2013. At first glance it may seem that we have a lot of time, but for all the work that we have, especially for certification, it is not so much. Besides, this is the first airplane. Not only do we have to hold certification activities, yet we must not forget that all the workers who are involved in the process, they make their first airplane. They are at the beginning of the passage of study. So in March — a very tight schedule, but I still hope that we will fulfill this schedule.

— In the long term — and subsequent airplanes — how fast will be the installation and interior painting cars?

— Three months. We expect that here (in the hangar SJI in Venice. — "Times"), we will have three aircraft in operation at the same time. And we need to get out on the mode of delivery to the customer of one aircraft per month.

— When the order to close the Interjet?

— In 2013, nine aircraft will be delivered to the customer, and 11 aircraft in 2014.

— How much are you willing to after-sales service?

— We have already begun to train staff Interjet — engineers and technicians. Until the end, we get the first comprehensive flight simulator (FFS) for pilot training. Already in January 2013 will be able to train pilots Interjet in our fitness center. But, to be precise, we train pilots Interjet in Paris, at the Tales there is a simulator, and we use it in order not to lose time.

— A service of spare parts?

— We are doing a global after-sales service. We work with the "Armavia". Of course, when it comes to "Aeroflot", through "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC). The system works, and nothing prevents us immediately after delivery to start the service and Interjet.

— But will have to supply spare parts to Latin America. What time is laid on the problem from its inception?

— It depends on how complicated the problem. If a situation is called a "plane on the ground," requires replacement the items we plan to supply parts with 24 hours after the call. We will immediately send the necessary detail from the warehouse in Frankfurt or Moscow. But since we are talking about Interjet, the first U.S. customer, we are planning to open a store in Florida. So, of course, will be faster.

— Now SJI — two customers — Interjet and Swiss Comlux with purchase of Sukhoi Business Jet? When waiting for new orders?

— We're talking with many companies, but I prefer not to disclose the negotiations until an agreement of intent.

— It is interesting to SSJ European market?

— The market we SSJ-100 in conjunction with GSS estimated at approximately 800 aircraft. The European market, according to our calculations, the potential of 100 to 160 aircraft.

— But the competition is stiff?

— Yes, it is difficult, of course. But we like difficult things. And I am sure together we will come to the Russian success.

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