The youth of the Rostov Amkar yielded large

[Img =] Reserves "Rostov" was launched in the championship of Russia with a major defeat in Perm. What is remarkable — this match was the debut for the coaches of both teams. Sergey Butenko first brought to the reserve official meeting of the "yellow-blue", and as a steering team made its debut in the Permian Rustem Huzin, known for his work for Urals. [Cut] The debut of the meeting came out equal. The team briefly looked at each other and already in the 15th minute, the hosts were able to organize a brilliant counterattack. Bilaonov received the transmission and easily pulled away from Lapin, his shot is so accurate that the chances of Hoteeva help out — almost was not. Goal was to a very real "cold shower". Less than a minute later, Subbotin took sluggishness defenders of the "Rostov" and a close-range shot goalkeeper Rostovites. Having missed twice, Sergiu Butenko cleaned Initiative to his hands. The main activity was through the right flank, where the great Tom interacted Zivko and Vladislav Oak plays the role of captain. After 26 minutes, Rostov got a good chance otkvitat one goal. Kirichenko into the penalty area, the ball missed Zivko Chernyshev, but the last blow turned inaccurate. Before the break, "Rostov" owned territory, but the danger of the gate Serikova occurred very rarely. The second half was a complete copy of the start of the first, though this time the "impact" of Perm became a "knockout" for the "yellow-blue". The debut of Artem Nazarov, who replaced Stanislav Hoteeva at the gate was a nightmare and was spoiled in the course of one minute. First Lachugin with the connivance of Defense "Rostov" point-blank hit the gate, and after a further 30 seconds Tyukalov by surprise Nazarov powerful shot from the middle distance. Failing debut of the second half, Rostov were not able to get together. Attempts to enhance the game ahead were not successful. Until the end, the score did not change. Goals: Bilaonov, 15 (1-0). Subbotin, 16 (2-0). Lachugin, 49 (3-0). Tyukalov, 49 (4-0). "Amkar" (Perm) Serikov Lachugin, Saveliev, Makagonov, Syrkov (Sitnikov, 62), Gagloyev, faded (Ryabokobylenko, 46), Dzahov (Rudakov, 56), smoky (Papshis, 46), Bilaonov (Tyukalov, 46 ), Subbotin (kindergarten, 46). "Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) Khoteyev (Nazarov, 46), Lapin, Sizintsev (Vasilyev, 46), Sklyarov, Oak, Zivko, Matrakhov, fat, Kurbanov (Bannov, 46), Kirichenko, Chernyshev (Guseynpur, 62). Penalties: Zivko, 3. Fat, 22. Gagloyev, 23. Faded 29. Sklyarov, 48. Kirichenko, 75 (warning). Judge: Small (Volgograd). March 13. Perm. Stadium "Star." 250 spectators. Minus 4 degrees. The debut of the coaching duo Rustem Huzin — Konstantin Paramonov turned out to be a success. The third and fourth balls Permian scored over 10 (!) Seconds.

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