There are all sitting for itself, and we are for Belarus

The first of the convicted Area Basil Parfiankou told how he is treated in the colony. Dmitry Bondarenko appealed against the verdict. Received a letter from the prisoner Dmitry Novik. Alexander Fyaduta visit doctors in the house. How is the day before the court Khalip?

Vasily Parfiankou, which in February of the first members of the Square was sentenced to four years in prison, sent a letter to the colony of Orsha mother activist Mikita Lihavida Elena:

"He says that he is doing well, the other prisoners treat him with understanding and respect. As they say themselves, they sit every man for his own, and I followed his Belarus. Another wrote that the administration is also no problems arise, "they are people too and everyone understands." Further writes: "We must believe that the time will come when all of us, Belarusians, under one flag finally will gain a desired freedom for the Belarusian people. So for me not to worry, the strength and the spirit in me even last long. Once again thank you from the heart for support. Long live Belarus! Basil Parfiankou. "

For me not to worry, the strength and the spirit in me even last long.

Elena Lihavid listuetstsa and other political prisoners. In particular, she also sent a letter Dmitry Novik, who was convicted in early March along with Ales Otroshchenkov and Alexander Molchanov. Novik will serve 3.5 years in prison Shklovskaya.

Elena Lihavid: He writes: "Thank you for the kind words, I am convinced that such support is necessary for all the repressed … Your son is not alone in their suffering, we have a lot." He writes that he is one of the fighters for free Belarus that the only real patriots are capable of specific actions for the sake of their country. Writes to not have hoped for appeals courts that the question of liberation rather depends on the European Union and the United States. "

The son of Helen Lihavid Nikita, who was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, tried to challenge the verdict in Minsk city, but to no avail. Nikita still going to file a complaint with the Supreme Court. May 7 Nikita Lihavida of "Queen" was sent to the colony in Novopolotsk.

On Dmitry Novik mentioned in court the ex-presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, which began to be judged on May 5 at the Frunze court. With Novick, who before his arrest, he worked in a foreign embassy, Nekljaev shared a cell. According Neklyaeva, Dmitry Novik investigators suspected even espionage. To prove that it is not a spy, the young man had to give evidence on a lie detector.

The trial of Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Infusion Palazhanka, Alexander Fyatudam, Andrei and Sergei Dmitriev Wozniak was stopped and rescheduled for May 10 due to a sharp deterioration in the health of Alexander Fyaduta. May 7th wife Marina accused said, "Freedom":

"By Sasha today came the nurse administered the injection and now he's sleeping. I hope all will be well. "

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko, who was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, May 6, filed a complaint against the verdict. "My husband still in the KGB detention center and is likely to consider his complaint to the colony will be taken", — said the wife of political prisoner Olga Bondarenko.

Mother activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau Marina Lobova says that the day of the appeal hearing of her son, as well as complaints of Dmitry Dashkevich the verdict has not yet been appointed.

Irina holds, courage and dignity. I'm just proud of my daughter.

At the trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, his lawyers have offered to subpoena a witness wife politics, journalist Irina Khalip, who is under house arrest. How is Irina, I asked the father of journalist Vladimir Khalip?

"Irina keeps, courage and dignity. I'm just proud of my daughter. I am a man, a former military man, but I would not stand this. "

Judge Irina Khalip begin May 11 with Paul Seviarynets and Sergey Martseleva.



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