There is a way to resurrect the dead


A doctor from the United States argues that a person can raise a few hours after he died.

"There have been cases of people being revived after 3, 4 or even 5 hours after death, and they have lived a good life," — explained Dr. Sam a Man (Sam Parnia), who is the director of the center in the intensive care unit Stony Brook University in New York City.

Many people believe that heart failure is equivalent to death, but it is not the final touch.

Doctors have long believed that if a person has no heartbeat for more than 20 minutes, the brain suffers from irreparable damage. But, as stated by Dr. Man, this can be avoided with the help of a competent and careful postresuscitative resuscitation care.

The death and revival of human

He explained that it is important to massage the heart with the correct frequency and power that it does not lead to hyperventilation patient. Resuscitation can also be extended with the help of machines.

As explained by Dr. Man, after the brain ceases to receive a constant supply of oxygen through the blood circulation, it does not die immediately, but falls into a kind of hibernation, preventing the decay of its own.

The "up" of the sleeping brain is risky, since oxygen can be potentially toxic at this stage. This can be compared to the tsunami after the earthquake.

It is just this situation cool the patient from 37 to 32 degrees Celsius, that slow decay of brain cells.

The hospital did not report the death until he removed all the processes that can be reversed.

Many people tend to think that death is a sudden event, but at the cellular level, the process of dying takes a period of time.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Apparent death

Blurred the line between life and death is not only medical issues but also metaphysical.

Dr. The guys also said that about 10 percent of patients experienced clinical death.

Some experts believe that clinical death caused by neurological activity. As explained by Caroline Watt
(Caroline Watt), a British psychologist who specializes in paranormal cases, about half of all patients say about the near-death experience, when there were close to death.

They experienced it during traumatic experiences, such as during childbirth. It is possible that whatever the feeling they are not familiarity with the afterlife.

The stories about near-death experiences

"People from around the world describe the same state, but its interpretation depends on the person's belief" — told the Man.

People often describe:

The strong glare

Out of body experiences (Hover over the surgeons in the operating room)

Another reality or dimension (Heaven or hell)

Different entities (Angels)


Communication with entities (Voice, stating that "the time is not yet")

Revision of my life (Past events)

Many people who have experienced clinical death, report that they have become more confident, more open after a near-death experience. Also, many change their attitude to life, in particular, acquire a purpose in life, appreciate life more, empathize, become more patient and understanding.

Also most there is a belief in the spiritual world, that does not necessarily lead to the frequent visits of the church, but rather to strengthen the internal personal spiritual feelings.

Finally, people often after clinical death suggest that they are not afraid of death and believe that after death they face a positive experience.

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