They say bad luck if a black cat goes way

November 24, 2011 13:55

A black cat crossing the road — not to see good luck that day. You either turn on its axis, or broke in two rod, throw debris in all directions. Can be on the right hand cross your fingers, putting the average on the index.

Black cat — one of the most sinister characters in Slavic mythology. It is directly connected with evil spirits, the witches, she wrapped a witch, etc. This theme has found the widest reflected in folk tales and literature (think at least Gogol). Accordingly, that a black cat crossing your path can bring to human failure. How to get rid of the "evil eye"? Rotate around its axis, that is the way to start anew, "with a new round." Break the rod, that is open closed cat road again to release this way for yourself, to make it open and clean. Cross your fingers (sometimes — to take on a button), then there is recourse to the symbolic cross (sometimes buttons sewn threads that form the shape of a cross).

There are other tricks, charms, though I must honestly admit that the poor animal is suffering for no reason at all — just because of the color of the coat. A similar attitude is fixed almost everything black. It comes from pre-Christian times, the atmosphere where talented transferred AN Ostrovsky in "Snow Maiden": people-heliolater is not considered a good as a cold, darkness, gloom, symbols which are dark and black. However, not all countries are black cat portends trouble. In England, with her associate happiness, and the white cat — troubles, troubles. Cat was considered sacred in ancient Egypt.

"The appearance of another black cat in the house — a harbinger of trouble." — People's sign.

Before we enter into a new house, start up there on the first night of a black rooster and a hen, the second — the black cat and the cat. — Old people's belief.

"Black Cat in the theater — to success," only if it ran across the stage. But even in this case it can not be hit. — Theater sign.

"The man who the night before Christmas will see a black cat in a dream, dangerously ill this year" — People's sign.

Demons tempt the saints, being seen by them in the form of black cats. — Works of medieval monks.

The true meaning of the phrase "In between a black cat ran" is what is meant by a cat werewolf who comes between people and cause a fight. * The modern interpretation of folk sayings

"During a thunderstorm, it is necessary to throw the black cat of the house, otherwise it will attract the lightning." — Folk beliefs.

"The cat, dog and cock black suit protect the house from thieves." — People's sign.

"If a black cat while sailing thrown overboard at sea a terrible storm breaks out." — A sign of sailors.

"If a black cat at home (cat), it will not run a lover." — The old adage.

"If the ship has a black, without a single white hair, the cat, the voyage will be a success." — Believe sailors.

"If a black cat sneezes near a bride — young happy." — English legend.

"Black cat on the porch — prosperity at home." — Shotladnskaya omen.

"If cats are born black and ginger kittens, the red must pay, and keep the black — for good luck." — Modern omen.

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