Thought can become a reality

November 10, 2011 21:16

Recently, the shelves appeared quite a lot of literature on the problem of materialization of thought. These ideas are sound and in television. More people are using the method of materializing ideas to achieve their goals. That you may be to them still are not there yet (and may not be treated at all), but as you know, any thought in the human brain goes through three stages:

1. -What nonsense!
2. — This is something there …
3. — Who does not know!
Therefore, these ideas worth considering. Suppose you and immediately think, "What nonsense," but after a while, perhaps, will notice that your thoughts materialize, and fears become reality.
But any theorem to be proved. As evidence of the materialization of thought can bring the experience of many people, and you can try to make sense of why the materialization of thoughts going on. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon?

 Some modern scholars have come to the conclusion that the universe — is a boundless network of dynamic activity. It is known that the elementary particles — protons, electrons and neutrons — are not made of any substance, and are bundles of energy. Therefore, the whole universe, and the man and his mind with many thoughts — an ocean of energy. And our every desire, heart's desire, our every thought, fear, fear of impact on the world of energy and we attract what we think. Therefore, we must pay careful attention to your thoughts, for the materialization of thought — this is the reality.
Now it becomes clear why a person can achieve anything he wants. The only important thing is not to doubt the reality of a dream come true. You can not scare the desired event doubts about its feasibility.
It's great idea has turned express enough known modern writer Paulo Coelho: "He believes in miracles — and miracles happen, he was convinced that the power of thought can change their surroundings — and life is becoming another, he has no doubt that he would meet the love — and here comes the love. " In general, what do you believe is what you get. Just believe in what the materialization of thought — it is no doubt true.


Thought-form and materialization of thoughts

Our idea can become all-powerful. We should as far as possible to comprehend. Our idea has real power materialize and we have to understand …


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