Three clues from the past

December 8, 2011 15:57

Summer 1998 was the most serene and happy in life Olga Chiptsovoy. She seemed jealous of all the girls in Khabarovsk. You bet! She married a handsome and jovial SWAT officer. But what happened is what happened. Her Sergei died in Chechnya. And the world just collapsed. "As it is now live, and why?" — Thought Olga.

But she knew what had happened irreparable, even before receiving official notice. First, long after midnight, when a young woman sitting in a chair, reading a book, for no apparent reason suddenly crumbled to pieces porcelain figurine funny kitaychonka, which they bargained, and her husband bought at the flea market, just before his fateful trip. Less than a minute later, on the dance floor began to appear and disappear out of nowhere appeared distinct traces of man's feet wet. Then potusknev to crimson color for a few seconds the lights went out.

Olga the signs of Doom was blamed on exhaustion — in accounting, where she worked, was another rush job — and went to bed. But barely dozed off as the room began to roll wave piercing cold, strong smell fragrant smoke cigarettes "Java" — his favorite cigarettes of her husband, and distinctly heard the voice of Sergei: "This is for you," "What is for me? — Roused Olga, finally coming to himself and with great difficulty fending off misgivings.

Morning with a heavy head it would not rush, as usual, and trudged to work. Not only do all of the hands valilos, the computer "on strike", then losing typed information, the "bumping" in her text and digital pieces that Olga did not even think to enter into his memory. Meanwhile, the neighbors car worked well, with no failures. Boss sympathized, "Go home, get some rest, apparently, not your day today." Home waiting for terrible news. Even before irreparableness realize what had happened, as if someone pushed the woman suddenly remembered the details of the conversation with her husband, then-fiance.

-If that happens to you, I will not survive — she said.
— Let you know about it, going barefoot in the dew in your room, — joked Sergei.
— Where dew will undertake in the room?
— If the dew point is not enough, there will be more signs …
— None of this should not be, can not be so cruel joke — Olga offended. They was the first time they had an argument. And now it's signs — foreboding — became a reality.

And here is a very long article in the American magazine "Wright", which the author, a certain Joseph Kerska recalls a startling event of the summer of 1936. Then 17-year-old Karmek Choney Frankie and her aunt ran outside a small California town where they lived, to help raise the fallen old lady. But despite more than old age, an old lady playfully threw them flee.

Failed assistants surprised and grandmother looks: big, shiny, deep-set eyes, white as chalk, skin tight skinny skull. Bony, it was the growth of not more than 145 centimeters. From under a large black hat extorted mane of white hair. To the old woman, as a hanger, hang out in the fashion dress 1910 with long sleeves and high fitting collar. Under a well were green canvas shoes with brass buttons.

Kerska writes: "Seeing that she was watching a crowd of onlookers, the old woman disappeared in an instant, as if melted in the air." Next — the most curious. Old woman who died in August 1911, identified Karmek Choney and Frankie, when they saw a picture of her in the house, which stands near the site of the appearance of "the ghost in the flesh." The occupants were "extremely scared that during the appearance of the late great-grandmother on the street exploded simultaneously in the living room light bulb in the chandelier and sconces, significantly lower the temperature of the ambient air, by themselves stearin candles were lit, kept in a box, and the person grandparents moved to the right photos, looking up from the neck and hanging in free space "…

Finally, the third case, no less intriguing. It could be called "meeting of the two captains," which took place in the barracks of the 125th Engineer Regiment, in Tver in 1839. Actors — military engineers Trubnikov and Askerov. The story is from before the judicial officer Kopylova. Source — his letter to his sister Natalia Zaretsky to Kiev.

Quote, without interfering in the style of the author: "The funeral of the unfortunate, and to weep for all our people here Brotherhood male captain Askerov responded warmly mournful device status and comfort the widow and children of his worthy fellow, my dear captain you Trubnikov. While he told me a lot of strange things, which I think for duty to share, favorite sister.

It turned out that during the night, as off the rotten Zelenkinskogo bridge to his death, with Askerov Trubnikov were in duty at the regimental barracks. Do strongly inning. They started talking about the secrets of the grave. Askers take yes rumor that the soul of a cat scratch, you never know, he dies. Pulled from the chest silver crucifix and says his friend, "Keep me in the memory." Trubnikov come to contradict: "Nonsense, my boy!" "How is nonsense — responded Askerov — faint heart, tea, do not deceive him. If that happens, without fail will notify. " They drank vodka and went Askerov. Twenty-four hours had passed.

Trubnikov sat at a table on government business paper unsubscribe. A gift Askerov here lying. Well, you just imagine, beloved sister, his health, when in front of the crucifix twisting the screw, bowed in the extreme. And take another crack. Trubnikov no coward, common sense, pinched. No, it is not shown. Similarly, the crucifix became crippled. Another two officers called. Look, all precisely — twisted cross screw. On this is not over. Table cloth zamorschilos so naturally covered with frost. What is?

In the house of the deceased into a gallop furniture, coats out of the closet to the bedroom flew. In horse carriage shed axis burst. As you suppose that is? For what? The point is that there was a whole forest green (hours are reconciled) exactly how miserable Askerov under the bridge was dead. Well, beloved sister, your brother-in-law Trubnikov white goes, ripped apart, "God is a matter?" I confess that I did not know. I'm sorry my friend. This event is remarkable, I think, ever forget. "

Ironically, it is materialistic and knowledge intensive XX century, which is also called the small ironies of the era, revealed to the world the long-awaited classification of ghosts, according to which Olga Chiptsova in 1998 and captain in 1839 Trubnikov made contact with the ghost of a typical crisis. But the story, which was published in the journal "Wright", reported above, tells the story of this phenomenon, like a ghost place.

Most often, the crisis of vision are the lovers, very close relatives or friends, at a time when a person is dear to them, or at death, or in a state of high stress. War, disasters, accidents, conflicts helped to gather a wealth of material to the right again immediately behind the famous Russian philosopher AM Mostepanenko that, even if it's hallucinations, the objective reality that exists in space and time.

The issue, therefore, is something else: how to get close to the truth, which gives the key to the understanding of this complex phenomenon, its physical, psychological essence? After all, if a crisis should be the ghost of the earth, human logic, as a carrier of important information, haunted places, often annoying, these laws do not recognize, resembling, as noted researcher S. Gordon, "snail, clinging tightly to his place, to the rock."

However, in 1863 the physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach made this diary entry: "I had the idea that non-sensitive items need not be presented in a sensitive three-dimensional space."

This hypothesis seems to have become axiomatic. There is no doubt that only trying to explain the unknown through incomprehensible, humanity can go on the road of progress. And every civilization includes something that people want, and what no one expected.

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