«Thunder-2» — a new tactical missile complex Armed Forces of Ukraine

«CB» South «,» is developing a new tactical missile (OTP) complex «Thunder». Development of systems-missile missile weapons for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine remains a key value for GP «CB» South. «
So tell me about the design and creation of new functional missile system to equip the armed forces of Ukraine.
The complex will use a promising cruise missile, developed on the basis of «Kite» to destroy ground targets, the newspaper writes, «Ukraine Industry.»
Very important is the point that the Ukrainian missile complex «Kite» comply with the limits imposed by the regime of the Missile Technology Control (in agreeing with him the country owning the Missile Technology can not sell outside of missiles with a range greater than 300 km, and the mass of the missile payload must not exceed 500 kg).
Also considered the possibility of equipping the complex and other operational missiles highest range. In fact, the complex is an analogue of Russian tactical complex «Iskander». Despite the remaining funding in 2009-2012 CB «South» has developed a fundamentally solutions aimed at improving the technical characteristics of the PTRC in the main for the export option in the sphere of military-technical cooperation.
Given that Ukraine has the ability to cast its own complex. Further development of the Land Forces missile also appears on the way of creation of unified high-precision missile system capable of operating both independently and as part of reconnaissance-strike system, receive information on how to order from the usual sources, and from unmanned aerial vehicles and means of cosmic also strikes in a wide range of distances missiles stationed on one launcher.

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