Who among us does not dream to reside in the beautiful intellectual form, while possessing a clear and mobile mindset enables you to easily "cut one" in new problems? Besides being branded an interesting conversationalist and wit? But all of the above features does each of us. At least, so says the famous Canadian psychologist Tom Vudzhek. Just these abilities must be able to implement, and this, in turn, need to learn to control himself.

Fundamentals of management simple. So why are we not using appropriate techniques? — You ask. Because, as a rule, act spontaneously: the habit, according to established rules, etc., and does not like better. But try to follow the advice of Tom Vudzheka and you will see how "simple tricks" can help save you time, work, personal life, dealing in a friendly and family.


Imagine the potential of your mental energy — 100 volts. Whenever you start to think about something, you have to use a part of it. However, it should distract or get worried about something extraneous, as some of the energy is wasted here.

Let's say you're sitting at the table and work. During operation, you were uncomfortable position, and so some muscles in your body over-tightening. Like it or not, when this happens, part of your attention just leaked. You may not even feel their own physical effort, but nonetheless, it will affect your brain power. In this example, you will lose this way, say, up to 25 volts.

Now imagine that at some point you have covered the boredom. You start to look at what people are doing, as in daily work and feel the growth of the internal conflict, one of your "I" want to continue to work, the other opposes it. Here is leaked and 25 volts.

Your thoughts reason persistently started going away from work? You do not take it as a very different thing: the approaching holiday, debts, movies you have seen recently, unwashed dishes after dinner … Against the background of these ideas work you have to do, is gradually "fade" and retreat into the background. You lose another 25 volts. Thus, already wasted three quarters of your potential.

And on top of the kitchen heard a low but persistently repeated knocking falling from a faucet dripping. This is — nonsense, one household noise, but for some reason, you listen carefully to this intrusive "drip, drip, drip." If this continues, then of your energy will be over!

What these examples do not prove that most of us go through life with only part of the intellectual capacity? Head for something we always crowded: the plans, expectations, situation analysis, alarms. Accordingly, our thoughts usually are in disarray. Is it because sometimes our mind looks like in your head, we are sitting a few independent individuals engaged in each of his, one part of the mind is thinking about the future, the second recalls the past, the third is a mental conversation with the fourth.

Thinking is filled with chaotic flow of words and images, thoughts rushing in unpredictable directions, bouncing like footballs. Of the attention spent on outsiders, who had taken care of nowhere, and sometimes just for nothing. As a result, we are working not with maximum efficiency.

Therefore, before proceeding to any responsible business would be nice to first properly prepare your mind to it, to hold, as it were, his workout. Its essence — in the liberation of the mind from all unnecessary thoughts.

Long Walk

Always start by removing the physical stress. Relaxation of the body automatically leads to a relaxation of consciousness (clearing it from the "mental garbage").

So, let's begin.

Close your eyes, sit back, take a few moments to relax. Let the body become free and supple. Let your weight "crushed" you, and your muscles relax. Notice how it feels to every part of your body. Focus on your own physical sensations — the shoulders, arms, back, head, abdomen and legs, internal organs. Then slowly move your attention on your breath. Feel, as the air passes through the nostrils. Let the breath with each breath becomes more calm and even. Do not force the breath, let it be natural and smooth.

Whenever your consciousness gets distracting thought, use it as a reminder of the need to return all the attention to the body. Gently transfer the focus of consciousness on their own feelings. Completely free from stress, plunging into the warm feeling of deep relaxation. Close the circle of his feelings. Become so calm internally to hear the beating of your heart.

As with every breath your mind gradually becomes clear, direct attention to the relaxation of body parts. Mentally imagine your face: eyes, mouth, cheeks, and jaw. Create a lively mental image of each part of the body that are more and more relaxed, while you look at it.

Carefully read your face in all the details, trying to find traces of even the slightest exertion. Let it stress leave yourself just by the action of your sight. When your face becomes completely relaxed, go to the ears, neck, shoulders, arms and fingers. Imagine how these parts of the body become more relaxed. The clearer the picture, the deeper relaxation.

Keep mentally examine the body: chest, back, stomach, legs, knees and toes. Remember, no need to rush. Enjoy a stroll through your body. Finish up by fingers, you will begin to perceive the body as serene animated statue. Throw away all of my head!

To carry out this exercise Spend 10-15 minutes. As you can see, the key to a relaxation of the body is a complete focus on the sensations of the process. With the ease of the body gradually comes clarity and freshness of thought. You start to take away from the bustle their wasted "volts of energy."

Here is another simple and effective way of relaxation that can be used anywhere and at any time. Clearly imagine the two crosses, cross your body. Be aware of the vertical line of the spine — from the coccyx to the crown of the head — and two perpendicular to it: the first — from one shoulder to the other and the second — passing through the thigh.

Imagine that the cross is made of durable and flexible metal that bends according to the movement of your body. To relax, just let the cross to take a natural position. With the head and the spine is straightened, the shoulders are at the same height, hips aligned.

If you learn to mentally create a similar cross — as if set forth in the air above his head — that in your arsenal will be a very convenient way of fast relaxation. With the head slightly pulled up, straightened his shoulders, arms hang freely, back muscles support direct bearing.

Inner liberation

But exercise alone will not give the desired effect — not let your "I" of the mental shell. How to get rid of the addictive quagmire everyday thoughts? Is a good way — mental arithmetic. Another way to throw everything out of your head, imagine that your mind — it's huge, blue sky, and thought — birds suddenly appear, streaking over the head and tail off again. On the horizon there is an idea, give it to myself — let the "thinking" in its usual pace. Do not try to rush it. Let fly over his head. If you consider the idea more closely, you will notice that each one has its own character. Some rush instantly, others crawl like a turtle. Some turned to the future, the other — in the past.

Michael Samokhvalov, parapsychologist

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