Time Machine Ali Razezhi

Ten-year labor Ali Razezhi, living in Iran, given its fruits. He created a machine that proudly calls: Time Machine. Thanks to him, the scientist able to predict the future of any person with 98% accuracy.

Razezhi Ali said he was working on a "time machine" for the past 10 years, as a result of his unit has a size of a personal computer. The machine can "predict five to eight years, the future life of any person, with 98 percent accuracy."

Razezhi also claims that he had been attacked by competitors who are working on similar devices: "The Americans are trying to make this invention, spending millions of dollars on what I've done for a fraction of the money."

Ali added that he is concerned about industrial espionage, since other countries will seek to find out his secret. "The reason that we can not imagine our car prototype at this stage, is that the Chinese can steal ideas and produce millions of pieces in one night," said Razezhi.



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