Time Travelers: A woman with a mobile phone during the Chaplin

November 30, 2011 16:39

Belfast filmmaker George Clarke found in an old Charlie Chaplin film a scene that shows about time travel or the fact that mobile phones have appeared much earlier than is commonly believed.

The footage of the documentary film in 1928, complementing the film Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" visible woman with mobile phone in hand. To film shows how to dress in the fashion of the time a lady holding a device to your ear and talking animatedly about something. Additionally ladies and a passerby in the shot no one else, writes Daily Mail.

The film was included as a bonus to the collector's edition retro film Charlie Chaplin "The Circus." Footage filmed at the premiere of the film "The Circus." At the famous Mann's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles is a strange lady, who holds a device to your ear while she animatedly gestures, smiles, and says exactly the behavior of the modern man with a mobile phone.
Found footage documentary filmmaker George Clarke says that he studied them for a year.
"My theory is simple — time traveler talking on a cell phone. If you have other versions, share with them, "- says Clark.

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