To ban social networking possible. But you can get around the ban

Social networks encourage every Wednesday at 19 hours out an action of solidarity in the main squares of Belarusian cities. Just play it — no banners, flags and symbols. The first action on June 1 was not crowded. 8th to October Square in the capital came out a few hundred people. June 14, Alexander Lukashenko warned that authorities will not allow unauthorized rallies and strikes. Some sites have appeared as if from a KGB sources, the authorities intend to prevent a social network in Belarus, such as "VKontakte". As much as possible, and how to apply the prohibitions Belarusian online community?

Creator and other projects in the Belarusian Internet Fyodor Korolenko says that prohibit the use of social networks, in principle, you can:

"If you want to — can deny. If we talk about the technical side. We have a national network of communications designed so that a single center, single node, and the only channel in the country. Therefore, at any time, you can disable a particular site, a particular protocol, as it was in the last election when the banned connection through port that provides a connection through a secure channel, and it was impossible to enter any email system or, Twitter, or to Facebook. So we have the Internet infrastructure is that you can do anything. "

We have the Internet infrastructure is that you can do anything.

The administrator of the "March of Millions" "VKontakte" Cyargey Pavlyukevich, which last week forced the security forces to remove from the site the community "We are great for Belarus", opined:

"In principle, they can prevent. But there are also a variety of programs that can help you get around these restrictions. That is, there are certain programs, proxies, with which you can get around all of this and have access to contacts in social networks. I can only say something if they try to block social networks, it is 100% will be their biggest mistake. Because then the street will have a lot of people. It will be quite kapets, shall we say. "

Not once during elections and other socially and politically important companies in Belarus has had problems with access to various sites. But on the internet there are many tips on how to circumvent the ban. Possible and easy to get around the lock?

Many of these methods to the general mass of the population are unknown or difficult.

Fyodor Korolenko"Maybe in a different proxy servers and more. But many of these methods for the broad mass of the population are unknown or complex, so only the part of the people will be able to know do it. On the other hand, it may encourage people to develop national content. I do not justify a ban in any case. But it can be a side effect, as it was in Kazakhstan when denied access at the national level in LJ. And people have created some of their local Kazakh blog platforms, which have become among the most popular Kazakh Internet resources. Although, of course, if the truth, all these bans — it's wrong. "

Head of the project «Gemius Belarus" Michael Doroshevich also expressed the view that the ban is possible. And gave the example of rock music, which in the former Soviet Union also banned, but that does not mean that it would not hear:

"Prohibition in general — a bad thing. Indeed, the limitations of people in getting some information in contacts — use questionable. Pull the wire from the network — you can, but it does not solve anything. I understand. "

After threats of Alexander Lukashenko and the Prosecutor General's statements on some sites there were videos with a call to go out every Wednesday in the town square. The head of the press service of the Minsk city executive committee Alexander Lastouski thus commented on the appeals in social networks to gather every Wednesday at October Square in Minsk Prosecutor's Office and the statement on this subject:

"People come and go, pass on October Square — of course, no one against it has nothing. Appeal Prosecutor's Office and has been connected with a call to gather for unauthorized mass event. Prosecutor General's Office does not forbid anyone to assemble — I did not read this to prosecutors not look screen. So let's not act like the discussions in online media that try by renaming the citizens to divert attention from the fact that these actions are illegal. These actions are illegal. "

Alexander Lastouski warned that succumbing to such calls, people can participate in an unsanctioned event. And this is — an administrative offense for which there is an administrative responsibility.


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