To blame for the crisis in the state and the country's leader personally

Who is to blame for the fact that Belarus has formed a tight financial crisis? Meet people Ivatsevichy.

Mr."No currency. And all the goods we receive from Poland and Russia. Even the little things, and those imported. A dollar today will not buy. But our Belarusian rubles never needed. And our economy has existed through loans, which are now being received. That is not the currency. officially stated that the currency out of the country truckers, but it's not true. My friend complained to the owner that he was going fur Belarusian rubles, which were not needed. Buy something for them is impossible. new product does not arrive , are sold only old stock. Under such conditions is to close up shop. "

Mr."I believe that ordinary people are not to blame, only those at the top who run the country."

Mr."It is possible that people are guilty, it is impossible to say that the authorities are not involved.'ve Heard that the reason is also the fact that people are massively trafficked currency, buying cars abroad."

Mr."It is said that buying cars, Belarusians have taken almost all the currency reserves of the country."

Mr."We have no crisis."

Mrs."I do not know, never thought about it."

Mrs."I think that the blame bankers, the government, this is due to a policy."

Mrs."We do not want to answer such questions."

Mrs."You are asking a very global issues. They do not answer in one word."

Mr."Well who's to blame? State has created such conditions. Why create permanent barriers? Need to currency was in the banks. Hype would not have then. And so favorable conditions for currency speculators."

Woman: "Who is to blame? The state, unequivocally. Adkazanasts for it should be held personally Lukashenko. "



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