To exceed the official dollar mark in 4000 rubles a month?


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Peter Martsau, publisher of the online newspaper BDG:

— I believe so. I believe that it will be 4100 in the end. We all understand that this is a political decision. In fact, the devaluation has long occurred. This should have been done before, but we have been waiting for the Russian loan. I believe that we must wait for a month.

Constantine Skuratovich, columnist "Belarusians and Market":


— It must be so, otherwise the country all the stops. Already disappear necessary imported goods, imported medicines, even disappear, but can not live without it. A similar situation was in 1998, when the exchangers are only accepted currency, and the currency citizens had no place to buy, except in the currency speculators. If I'm not mistaken, then the unofficial rate was different from the official one and a half times. Now people who need the currency, pay 5000-6000 per dollar.


Michael Zaleski, an independent economist:

My prediction is that within a month the official rate is 8,000 rubles per dollar. It's a game, I bet. Here there can be no justification. He would say 8000 — 8000 will be, say, 1000 — 1000 will be, say, 58,000 — will be 58,000. We are dealing with paranormal phenomena. And if we are dealing with an irrational phenomenon that can only be irrational actions to meet her.

Weather Komarovka

Mrs."It is not up to four, it will rise to six. In fact, I believe that we have no economy, and the economy — it is a science, it can not control the decrees and inflation is also impossible to stop. "

Youth"I believe that up to four thousand will not rise. Somewhere around four will be, but a little lower — 3900, something like this. "

Mrs."Sure will rise at the same level, it will not hold. After all, it is necessary to acquire the same as gasoline becomes more expensive, the products become more expensive — will not be the same at this level. "

Mr."I think it will rise as the rate of the Belarusian ruble in the Baltic States — one in Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine — the second. So some will be average. "

Girl"I think so — much more pull. And mercy more than anything I can say. "

Mr."Will and more than four. In May. I know because I work in an area that allows you to know."

Girl"I do not think so. It seems to me that three eight — this is the real value of the dollar. "

Youth"Official? So — in the middle of the month after the loan is taken. After all, this incomprehensible situation hurts the economy. Not enough currency for purchases, and even some private traders stopped work. "

Girl"Yes, I think he will rise, but not before four thousand. It will be about 7-10 percent. After all, if we trace his rise and fall in the last two weeks, we can safely assume that it will continue to move along the path blazed by. "

Youth: I believe that we can not climb such a high rate, because then our economy … It comes … Well, it will be very difficult. "

Weather experts

Yes — 3
No — 0      

Weather Komarovka:

Yes — 6
No — 4    


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