Today in Minsk will present the 6th edition of the historical digest Grandparents

A 19-hours in a bookstore, "Loginov" (Independence Avenue 37a) will be a presentation of the 6th issue of historical digest "Grandparents". In prezentatsyi, which will take the form of scientific and public debate will be attended by Anatoly Taras, editor of the digest, as well as some of the authors of articles.

As the site falls "Nasha Niva"Aprashayutstsa to celebrate everyone who is interested in" white spots "of the Belarusian history and natsyyatvarennya.

"Grandparents" — digest of articles on Belarusian history, in which the materials were translated into the Russian language. Editor Anatoly Taras explains the fact that a significant part of the Belarusians did not read in Belarusian. And translating popular materials on Belarusian history, the authors almanac thereby trying to expand the interest in it.

In the 6th edition of the almanac consist of reports read out at the conference on issues ethnogeny Belarusians, and articles on Russian history.

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