Traders become unemployed

Due to the difficult economic situation and the inability to freely buy the currency in Belarus are closed private firms go out of business, many individual entrepreneurs. On the particular facts inform regional correspondents of "Freedom."


"I'm in this month did not go for the item and do not pay taxes"

In Mogilev situation with the private trade as a result of the currency crisis worsens. Many entrepreneurs complain that operate at a loss.

In Bobruisk, some of the owners have failed to pay taxes. Do not rule out that it is necessary to suspend trading. Says Ms. Elena. It sells men's and women's clothing:

The dollar in Bobruisk — 4250 rubles

"I'm in this month did not go for the item and do not pay taxes. Currencies and there is nothing to go by. During the 4200 currency dealers sell the dollar, and even for 4250 already, and if you put it into a commodity, it is not known how you sell it. Now, people are spending money on products. A product is twice more expensive. If nothing changes, then you should go to the company. honestly tell you. "

Entrepreneur of Mogilev Mrs. Marina — in the same situation as her friend Bobruisk. There is no profit. Trade with losses. The dollar in currency speculators are increasing day by day.

It's not our fault that this is happening in the country

"Many people stopped work, do not pay taxes, because it's pointless, because the work for less. They did not bring. Assortment poorer. Prices are rising. And buyers are outraged. Accuse us. They do not want to believe that it is not our fault that is the country is going. "

Most entrepreneurs, however, the discipline to go to jobs in anticipation of rare buyers. There is no alternative, says trader shoes Oleg:

"The money we have invested at least that back. Fact that you put in, just live for it. Sold — live. Even his return can not, not to mention the salary.'m Doing. And where now we can go to work or what to do, tell me. "


"Scarcity currency paralyze the work of private firms'

Foreign exchange deficit in the Brest region most affected by private firms. Small traders are selling old stock. A new product they can not afford.

The people who lose in Brest now work pretty much says the activist movement of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Victor Tchaikovsky:

"Generally, everything is being phased out, the work is paralyzed. For example, companies that carry cargo in Russia, the organization must collect for a flight of about $ 1,000. When a company car, then with grief in half that amount of money still going. But if the owner of two or more machines, without exchange work impossible. "

For sale — old stock at old prices

On commodity markets Brest most entrepreneurs still go to work. Traders families stand in line at the exchangers to buy the currency. Large firms are forced to cease operations, said the businesswoman Elena Brest:

"Entrepreneurs are in line with the exchangers. Sometimes recorded families to buy the currency. But the people who work for large companies, remain unemployed. Firms, in contrast to the small businesses that need large quantities of goods. Consequently, many stop work."

In the region of small traders are now selling old stock at old prices. On Nicholas Charnavus, entrepreneur from Baranovichi, selling out what is considered a "slow-moving" product. New product to sell is extremely difficult. Entrepreneurs under such conditions become unemployed:

"It is not known at what rate to charge prices. Some consider to 4000 rubles per dollar, some even on the five-thousandth Some see that working in such conditions is a loss. What's the point? Especially true of those who traffic in" chemistry " . If before washing powder was worth 75,000, but now the cost is 150,000. "

Vitebsk Region

Now fewer traders in the "Smolensk Market" in Vitebsk

The former political prisoner and leader of the movement of entrepreneurs Sergei Parsyukevich a weekend visit "Smolensky market", which had worked itself. He notes that employers in the last month was less — especially in street trading places:

"In fact, there are constantly people less. But in the covered pavilion want — to work, do not want — do not work as well for the lease of retail space-pay. This silly money — half a million a month. I asked," And how are you with the currency? "Some just say that there is no big problem, as the currency is nothing to buy. Example, selling goods, money, eat up, and only on taxes."

According to Sergei Parsyukevich, money from the market, entrepreneurs are washed automatically: buy a new product is not on that. Raise prices no one is too slow, as most buyers and so no extra money.

Minimize business activities nobody wants: no income, but there is no alternative, says Parsukevich:

People are waiting to see what will happen next?

"You can will be closed, there is no problem! But sorry retail space, in which you knows how much money is invested, and the money invested in the product. Well, closed — so what? On job to another to get problematic. And to live for something necessary. People just wait: what's next? "

In Russia for Belarusian businessmen also problems

Part of entrepreneurs who do not want to wait, tried to move his trade in the surrounding areas of neighboring Russia — in the Smolensk and Pskov. There are other conditions for trade — to register as an entrepreneur is not necessary and anyone can trade on the market by paying a small tax day. But the one who decided to trade in the near abroad, explains Sergei Parsyukevich, there are problems of a different kind:

"Somewhere to go — it is 100-150 kilometers in one direction. Who will wander back and forth every day, and how many of gasoline burned so? It is very expensive, I think it can only deal with one who is abroad have relatives Does anyone know … "

Opinion entrepreneur: "We are today found in a vicious circle"

Finally, to go to trade in Russia, too, you will first need to purchase a product — is made in Belarus. Before doing so, but now the prices have risen and the entire Belarusian.

Therefore, the question, do business on, or not, is very serious, says Irina Yaskevich, that works in the Vitebsk mall "EVIC":

"We have been in crisis facing difficult times. But before had the opportunity to buy goods and travel to Russia. Now and this possibility we have not. And we are currently in a closed circle, and can not drive off, and can not work — from the objective reasons that were a complete surprise. "

Grodno region

As the economic crisis affects the Grodno traders, businessmen? His point of view is expressed by one of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs, a former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski:

"Unscrews, money changers change money, well, just sales fell. I mean those who are engaged in" buy-sell ". Certainly, those who are engaged in the production, the problems are significant, but I do not think they will be interviewed, so that they have enough problems. But mass

Everything moves so far by inertia …

layoffs yet, people can be turned out, things are going so far out of inertia … For example, I still do not know anyone from the rental market declined in large numbers. In percentage terms, it may be five percent, but this is a normal percentage for the pair. More waited. Everyone is waiting for the twelfth of May, when the exchange rate promise to let go. Anyway, it is a message in the media. "

Another grodnenets believes that the economic and currency crisis may end up being salaries, increased before the last presidential election, will fall significantly.

Salary will be $ 200, not $ 500

Mr."For the economy over the fact that everyone will receive two hundred dollars, not five. And the whole economy. And let us all work from the beginning. Many people have, particularly in business, there is a depreciation of savings. One businessman said to me, I gave goods with deferred payment of five billion, five years working and eventually earned nothing. return over five years ago, are discarded. "

"Soon there will be something to feed the cats, dogs and parrots"

Many pet stores Grodno significantly narrowed range of pet food, and the prices of individual goods have increased by 40 percent or more.

In pet stores in the market, "Central" in Grodno virtually no buyers. Mistress of the store, Mrs. Olga, says that customers are now mainly interested in price and very few are buying.

I ask — whether they have a much increased price?

Mrs."At 30-40%.'s Because our suppliers disappeared goods, and they did not order, because there is no currency to buy."

Mistress of the other pet stores, Elena says that in all the stores earlier prices were formed in different ways, as the goods were from different suppliers, but now almost all aligned. In her words, some stores already have something to trade.

The prospect of such that scary look ahead

Mrs."Now all of discounts and took off running only on a prepaid basis, and the price of almost all the same. Perspective such that scared to look ahead. I'm also a consumer and I go on the market and the shops — just can not imagine what we will enter into the future . "

Mrs. Elena says that recently in her shop, as well as in other similar, significantly decreased range of products, as the new prices do not allow it to update.

Mrs."Now we do not charge anything new, since the prices have changed on the old product, and they are pretty high."

The prices are shocking people, what happens next?

Reporter"Here you do not purchase a new product. And that is, long enough yet?".

Mrs."Now prices are shocking people, what happens next? Do not know, we shall see. Clear is that if the prices will continue to be off-scale and marketing will not, then we will not be able to trade. Already purchasing power has declined significantly, people look for cheaper food for their animals. "

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